1 Captain Marvel (Vol. 9) #1 Adam Hughes 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Tara Butters
ARTIST: Kris Anka
Putting the 9.8 SS sale for $500+ aside, this is moving briskly raw in the $100-125 range.  Initially selling for good money, then dropping all the way down to the $20 range, this one has rebounded to new highs.  Moral of the story, don't give up so easily on books that might have dropped in value.

2 Inhumans vs. X-Men #5 Gabriele Dell'Otto 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST: Javi Garron
Compared to the past couple months where any new variant heated up quickly, this one at least has nice cover art.  Print run on #3 of this series was only in the 60k range, so there might not be an abundance of these once the initial sales go away.

3 Punisher (Vol. 10) #2 Jerome Opena 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Nathan Edmondson
ARTIST: Mitch Gerads
A month ago, this book was selling for $75 or less.  It is now pushing the mid $200's.  Very hard to find (I only saw 2 currently on eBay) and the heat of Opena at the moment are both pushing this book to new highs.

4 Superior Spider-Man #20 J. Scott Campbell 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Continuing on its recent surge, a 9.6 sold for $500+ and a VF+ raw copy topped $300.  Still has room to grow IMO.

5 God Country #1

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Geoff Shaw
Issue #2 dropped and was as good a read as #1.  Add in the fact that print run numbers were released and at 14k split between 2 covers, there aren't too many of these out there.  These facts add up to a book selling for $35+ at the moment.

6 Uncanny X-Men #525 David Finch 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Matt Fraction
ARTIST: Terry Dodson
I mentioned this book a while back in the Honorable Mention and it has now officially blown up with multiple sales at $75+.  Pretty popular set of characters on this cover is the big draw for sure.

7 Elektra (Vol. 4) #1 Bill Sienkiewicz 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Matt Owens
ARTIST: Juan Cabal
I like this cover, as it is definitely a Sienk cover, but not as much as his work on Vol. 3.  That being said, it has been a hit so far with sales in the $80-100 range.

8 Groot #5

WRITER: Jeff Loveness
ARTIST: Brian Kesinger
The excitement of Baby Groot has pushed this semi-low print book (27k) to the $15-20 range.  Thanks to Philip Chung for the info.

9 Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 4) #24 Gabriele Dell'Otto 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Another good looking Dell'Otto cover that has been selling around $40 out of the gate.

10 Tales of the Teen Titans #44

WRITER: Marv Wolfman
ARTIST: George Perez
News of Nightwing to the big screen has reignited interest in his first appearance.  9.8's are selling close to $300 again.

Visitor: How and Why He Stayed #1 ComicsPro Variant

WRITER: Mike Mignola
ARTIST: Paul Grist
One of the winners of the ComicsPro event, this one is bringing upwards of $50.

Uncanny X-Men #317

WRITER: Scott Lobdell
ARTIST: Joe Madureira
1st appearance of Blink has been popular this week due to the announcement of Jamie Chung cast news.  What was a dollar bin book has sold a ton in the $5-10 range this week.  Before anyone gets too excited, remember that there were a TON of these printed.  Thanks to John Brown for the tip.

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    Great list. You pretty much hit all the bases, well done.

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    Great list. That Groot 5 also has a 1:10 variant.

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    Good List! Love the Captain Marvel Hughes Variant, can’t afford it anymore though. Could it have legs like the Hughes Harley #1? I think it could, Marvel will be promoting the hell out of Captain Marvel leading up to the movie in a couple years. Now I’m convincing myself to grab one now, oh the joy of collecting!

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    I just noticed the author mentioned in the write up for the Punisher 2 opena variant that it looked like it was selling for $100 a month ago. Looks like most of those lower sales were either using single stock or duplicate images of the book in their listings, and a couple of those were actually the euro reprint.

    I say this because it looks like this book was sellig for $600 nearly five months ago according to GPA, and that was even before his work on Seven to Eternity shined a spotlight on Opena, and the set leaks from the Punisher Netflix series began. 😉

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    Appreciate the compiling of the list, but… 7 out of 10 are ratio incentive variants. We all know the ratio variants will be hot, seems kinda pointless keep putting them up week in week out, it’s not really telling us anything.

    Unless you are lucky enough to have a friendly LCS that gives you first dibs on them, most of us won’t have them and probably won’t be stupid enough to buy them at the inflated prices they have reached.

    I’d prefer to see more stuff about standard covers that have become hot, like God Country here and older/key comics that have become hot, for whatever reason, but probably due to film/TV spec. My opinion anyway…

    Oh that Dell’Otto IVX is a STINKER! Ugly, ugly, ugly. Again, my opinion…

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    The highlight of my Saturday. Thanks!

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    Nice to see a copper age key book make the list, but still variants overtake the Top 10 once again.

  • tsouthammavong

    any chance we can get a no variant top 10 list? or is there one already out there and i’m not seeing it?

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