The Unpressable Defects 42

In this issue …. Rare variants, ASM300, Jenny Frison, Rebirth variants and much more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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    I hope alot of people check this ep out …definitely one of my favorite podcasts ..everybody was on fire comedy wise(Trey was on fire) and there was a ton of great comic tips and news

  • Gwenpool4President

    Good episode! In the description, it’s “Frison”, not “Frisson”. Put some respect on her name.

    Looking forward to someone posting Venomized Khoi. lol

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    I REALLY enjoyed that one. Thanks for taking the time to put out a quality podcast with REAL TALK bout comics. 40$ haircuts!? My wife cuts my hair…….and you can tell

  • dpiercy

    Cormier is superior to Jones in my opinion. Cormier is an overachiever, whilst Jones succeeds because of his freaky physical attributes.

  • tsouthammavong

    Who was it that got kicked out of hastings? What was the story behind that? I just recently started listening to you guys for the past 3 podcast. Just found you guys. Love the podcast

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    As always great podcast. I did miss my fellow Canadian Jimmy giving Mel the gears. I would like to enter my two cents on what is wrong with the comic industry.

    1) Cost. A $4 comic costs $5.40 Canadian after exchange. Its getting very expensive and pushes new collectors out. I let my twin girls pick out a book each (my little Pony and frozen an it costs me close to $11 for both) Way to expensive in my option. I don’t try out new books just strictly on cost.

    2) Constant relaunches especially by Marvel makes it too hard to follow series if you fall behind

    3) Cash Grabs – These constant event books that are put out to increase the bottom line hurt my wallet and are usually garbage. I can say that I have stayed away from event books and with the reviews of Civil War 2 I am glad I have. I wish these events would be contained in the regular series issues. I used to love when Marvel ran events in the regular issues (X-tinction agenda, Inferno etc, Batman A lonely place of dying)

    4) Poor Art and Stories or Characters we don’t care about

    5) Books no one cares about – Way too many bad Marvel books to bring up

    6) Too many options. How many Avengers, X-men or Batman books do I need? Currently marvel has (Extraordinary X-men, Uncanny X-men and All New X-men) too many books in my opinion self competing for customers money. I dropped All Star Batman as I could not justify $7 a month Canadian for the nook. I like Scott Snyder but not for almost the same amount I am paying for Netflix.

    7) Again Cost – DC was doing a great job at $2.99 but now with the price increase on some monthlies to $4 I am rethinking those monthlies. Supersons is a great book that I think Kids would love but too expensive. Sales volumes are dropping. Look at when Marvel comics were around $2 (Amazing 300 and X-men 1) they were selling hundreds of thousands of copiies now they are lucky to be selling 100K

    8) Books need more advertisements – Come on Marvel where are the Disney Ad’s? I am a father of two five year old twin girls give me some Disney ads or something I am someone you want to be advertising to.

    I have read comics since I was 12 and I want to see more people buying comics. It’s up to the publishers to do more to make it successful. Brick and Mortar stores also need to do better. I was in a store in Mississauga the other day and started asking the retailer how sales where. I also asked the retailer what he was reading and what he enjoyed. He told me he did not read comics anymore. I thanked him and left but was surprised as I thought if that’s your job you need to be knowledgeable and need to be able to talk to your customers about what your selling.

    Sorry for the rant I just love comics and want to see the industry survive and do well.

    Remember the old phrase “Make mine Marvel” what ever happened to that?

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    Each episode gets better than the last! Always enjoy the podcasting comic crew, keep it up guys.

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    I enjoyed it also. I am glad i found this group.

  • Khoi Cakes

    Thanks for the feedback – very much appreciated!

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    My wife and I were dying inside with the way those books were shipped…esp the Wonder Woman first app…
    Good stuff.
    Only suggestion is maybe a little less swearing…

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    I accuse you you of nefarious shit!

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