Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2

This time around I don’t see a big jump coming for any character like we saw for Groot, Starlord or Rocket but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speculate! Many of these have already been mentioned, I am trying to complete a comprehensive list for collectors and speculators alike.

Marvel Premiere 1, Thor 165, FF 67

First Him/Adam Warlock

If Warlock doesn't appear a lot of people holding these are gonna be disappointed. All three are a safe bet in my opinion and have value beyond any movie speculation.

Thor Annual 6

First appearance of Bruhl

James Gunn has confirmed that the Ravagers are gonna play a bigger role in the next film. Sadly many of the ones with cool names like Half-Nut and Scrote are original creations and have no comic appearances. Bruhl is one of the few to have appeared in a comic book.

Fantastic Four 11

First appearance of Ayesha

Undervalued is all I have to say. Despite earlier appearances she’s named Ayesha in the film. That’s good enough for me!

Note: Ayesha is another incarnation of Her/Kismet/Paragon. I would include The Incredible Hulk Annual 6 ( first Paragon ) and Marvel Two in One 61 ( first Kismet ).
Thanks to Jonathan M from the G+ group for pointing this out.

Transformers 113

First appearance of Death’s Head

See Trey’s Hot Fyah Spec.

Note: First cover Transformers 117, first American Appearance Marvel Comics Presents 76

The Avengers Vol. 5 number 1

First appearance of Ex Nihilo

Creation from nothing.
Similar to the source of the Death’s Head speculation I will defer to Trey on this one. It would be awesome if he were in GOTG 2.

Avengers 112

First appearance of Mantis

Mantis could easily be the breakout star of the film. This book has the potential to see the biggest demand from buyers.

Thor 132,133

First appearance of Ego

Ronan’s first didn’t really blow up but he wasn’t played by Kurt Russell either and being a living planet doesn't hurt. It’s so weird it just might work.

Defenders 27,28

First appearance of Starhawk, first cover

Who is Stallone gonna be? Starhawk is as good a guess as any.

Groot 4,5,5b

First appearance of Baby Groot

Baby Groot does NOT appear in Annihilation, that’s just an adult Groot in small form.. This is the Baby Groot we know and love. That’s a killer first cover too!

The Avengers 9

First appearance of Simon Williams/Wonder Man

We know Nate Fillion is playing Simon who was cast within the film to play Arkon! No one expects Wonder Man to play an important role but you never can tell who’s appearance is going to send buyers into a frenzy.

The Avengers 253

First Wonder Man ( new costume )

If you can call any WM costume iconic this would be the one.

Note: West Coast Avengers 12 and Wonder Man 25 all have new costumes.

The Incredible Hulk 111

First appearance of Planet Berhert

There’s a lot of new planets in this film including the obscure Berhert. What cool is that in this story its inhabitants are in possession of a planet destroying weapon. Hmmmmmmm…..

The New Eternals: Apocalypse Now 1

Ayesha’a race in Vol. 2 are called the Sovereign. The only time that name is mentioned in comics is when Ikarus assumes the role of Sovereign.

Daredevil 73

First appearance of the Brotherhood of the Ankh

It’s unlikely the Brotherhood will have any place in the new film but they were an easter egg
in Vol. 1. If they appear or any part of them plays a pivotal role this book will not be easy to acquire.

Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1 ( 1968 )

First appearance of the Zodiac Key

Look close in the Broker’s chamber and it appears the Zodiac key is for sale!

Avengers 131

First appearance of the Cotati

This alien race has been confirmed.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 Issue 1

First appearance of Taserface

Too bad the print run is a monster because it looks like Taserface is gonna be a major player.
Go newsstand on this one.

Guardians of the Galaxy 10

First Taserface as Overkill

Guardians of the Galaxy #10

The Avengers 75

First appearance of Arkon

We have already seen images of Nathan Fillion playing Simon as Arkon for a movie! It’s a cool nod to another Marvel character.

Tales to Astonish 46

First appearance of Kraglin Obfonteri

Expect Taserface and Kraglin to be major players in this film as they try to pay Yondu back for letting Quill go in Vol. 1.

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 #46

The Rampaging Hulk 1

First Krylorians

This was a minor spec book prior to Vol. 1 thanks to Bereet and the laughs she got from fans due to Starlord’s promiscuous ways. Casting lists confirm the Krylorians will be in the film with an expected small roll. This book is the first of only a handful of comic appearances.

Maximum Security Dangerous Planet

First appearance of Bartos

The only other named Krylorian I could find was this guy who will NOT be in the film but it’s one of a few appearances by the pink people and it’s an Ego cover.

Annihilation Ronan 1

First appearance of Tullk

Is the Ravager Tullk Listed in the cast notes Tullk Ul-Zyn? Well he’s the only Tullk I can find in a comic. Either way this book has a sweet Dell’Otto cover.

The Eternals 1

First appearance of the Eternals

There have been some rumors about the inclusion of the Eternals and considering the appearance in Vol. 1 by Eson it is not out of the realm of possibility. And then there’s the connection to the Sovereign which may or may not be accurate.

The Eternals 2

First appearance of the Celestials

Again Eson was in GOTG 1 so it’s possible. Remember that these movies are connected so when Baron Mordo’s relic in the Doctor Strange film turns out the be the staff of the Living Tribunal my radar went off.


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