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Newsstand Price Variants from the 90's and 2000's do exist. These books are much rarer than their direct market counterparts. I was able to spend some time the past two weeks researching these books, and had to go over multiple pictures of both Direct and Newsstand to concur which ones are definite price variants. If one book had the $US correct and the Canadian different, I did not count this, and vice versa. However some of these books actually have both US/Canadian different in value than the direct market edition and these are most definitely price variants. I was not able to give you all the books that are available, as a this list would take a long time to complete, but I will share my outcomes on the books I did discover.

Hulk 441 (May 1996)

Here is my favorite on this list, and the reason it is, there is no disputing this book as a variant. The direct edition comic has a “Pulp fiction” homage and it has She Hulk with a circular price stating $1.95. The Newsstand has the same cover and a circular price stating $1.50 The newsstand is printed in lesser quantity but still plentiful online for pick up. The best part about it is the price of this book, you can pick up both books for $20 max and display them side by side.

Ghost Rider Volume 2- 70-73 (Feb-May 1996)

Here we have a tiny run of Ghost Rider Volume 2 that had some clear-cut Newsstand Price Variants. The direct edition copies of these books were priced $1.95 US / $2.75 Canadian. The Newsstand variants had the same cover, but had the following prices $1.50 US / $2.05 Canadian. In this case the Newsstand copies are much scarcer as Ghost Rider was not doing too well and the print run was decreasing with the later issues. When you're dollar bin hunting, keep an eye out for these books you might get lucky and score one cheap.

Uncanny X-Men 337-345 (Oct '96 – June '97)

Here is a nice long stretch of Price Variants that like the Ghost Rider are much scarcer to locate (Especially in high-grade). The direct market books had the following price point $1.95 US / $2.75 Canadian. The newsstand variant had the following price point listed $1.99 US / $2.70 Canadian. It is weird that there would be a whole 4 cent different price listed for the US currency, and to have to print a whole slew of books with such a small value difference is a waste in my honest opinion. Let's face it, even if they sold 5K copies at this price they would only made a profit of $200, so there is likely another reason for the price change.

Amazing Spiderman 529 (April 2006)

First Iron Spider is a somewhat key book, so this Amazing Spiderman Newsstand Price Variant is worth locating. Some newsstands have sold for decent amounts, but you might spot one for a lesser value. Some shops might be selling it similar to a direct edition counterpart not knowing how much rarer the newsstand copies are. The price point for this book for Direct edition is $2.50 US / $3.50 Canadian, and the much rarer newsstand is $2.99 US / $4.25 Canadian.

FYI – DC New 52 & Rebirth Newsstands are now likely a price variant. DC still prints newsstand copies and charging an additional $1.00 on each book sold. These newsstand copies are getting harder to locate, as most retailers that are carrying them are not stocking up on lots of these books. Keep an eye out for the key books as these will have legs in the future.

See you in two weeks, and always listening for suggestions on any topic you may want covered for future articles.

Until Next Time!

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  • Speaking of ASM 529 Newstand variant, there is also a very Newsstand variant of issue #700.

    I read somewhere, but I may be wrong, that the newsstand variants were roughly 1 to 2 % of the direct edition print runs.

    That would make them pretty rare. Add to that the fact that most newsstand versions have been damaged while on racks or by regular people who don’t appreciate or know the collectible factor of comics and those newstand variants become all the more hard to find in nice conditions.

  • No clue about any of these, but the new DC variants are very interesting…I could see these skyrocketing soon. Thanks!

  • These aren’t “price variants “, ALL newsstand versions have the same price, just as all direct copies have the same prices. That is the normal price of these things based on where they are distributed. They aren’t any kind of big deal.

  • Obviously you haven’t read the article.

    The prices are most definitely NOT the same.

    Hell the hulk is litterally 150 cents vs 195 cents nice and flashy tight on the cover.

    I find these really hard to find variants and highly collectible.

  • Obviously you didn’t understand my comment. So I will clarify it a little more for you:

    The newsstand copies are NOT “variants” of anything. The price that you see on those copies is the normal price on ALL newsstand copies, based on what kind of (nationwide) retailer they were distributed to. Same thing as with the direct copies. Much ado about nothing really, and an attempt to turn nothing into something.

  • Zack Gauthier

    I was not going to bother replying to this, but sorry JimsFriend you are incorrect. This is exactly like the Valiant Newsstand Price Variants that are widely regarded as such. If you want to go your route, go ahead. I’m not here to turn nothing into something, just stating facts. Again if you spend five seconds reading my article, it states check the dollar bins, you might score a few. Does not state – buy these for big dollars!

  • The Amazing Spiderman 529 newsstand edition is most definitely selling higher.

  • Price variant Well they might technically not be “variants” they do have a variation. Some of the newsstands are highly collectible so its not “Much ado about nothing really, and an attempt to turn nothing into something.” Some collectors specifically collect newsstands and barcode “variants” (DC Universe for example). Its a known fact based on sales that certain newsstands command a premium over directs.

  • Zack, I would love to see an article about the “Marvel Universe” newsstand variants from 2001 with the alternate cover titles. Thus far, I’ve found Hulk Smash 1B, Marvel Knights 8B, 11B, 12B, 14B, 15B (“Marvel Knights Universe”), Citizen V and the V-Battalion 1B, 2B, 3B (“Marvel Universe 3, 4, 5”), Startling Stories: Banner 2B, 3B, 4B.

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