Market Report – February 2017 ComicLink Focused Auction

Welcome back everyone, today I’ll highlight some notable results from last week’s ComicLink Focused Auction and discuss the direction of these pieces’ markets! CLink’s periodic Focused Auctions generally contain lower value OA than those in Featured Auctions, so pieces tend to sell for hundreds, not thousands of dollars. Alright let’s get down to business!

Spectacular Spider-Man #172, page 6 by Sal Buscema – $193

Spectacular Spider-Man #206, page 10 by Sal Buscema – $480

Sal Buscema SSM OA sold for extremely reasonable prices in this auction. Panel pages for under $200 and a half-splash with great Spidey images for under $500, from an artist of Sal’s caliber, are very worthwhile pickups!

Side Note: In the early-’90s, the last heyday of comic book readership, there were four main Spider-Man titles – Amazing, Spectacular, Web and adjectiveless Spider-Man. As previously discussed, OA from the early-’90s is gaining attention, as readers from this era are now hitting their prime income-earning years and look to spend money on nostalgic pursuits. The value of Mark Bagley ASM OA has already taken off, but prices for the other three Spidey titles, penciled by comic book titans such as Sal Buscema and Alex Saviuk still remain affordable. I believe the value of OA from these runs still has significant room for growth, and currently present excellent jumping-in points for collectors looking to acquire OA of Marvel’s flagship character from the last boom period of comic books.

Superman/Gen13 #3, page 15 by Lee Bermejo & John Nyberg – $211

Hellblazer #183, page 7 by Lee Bermejo – $247

For those in the market for Lee Bermejo OA, here are some good examples of affordable Bermejo art featuring prominent characters. Such pages are much cheaper than those with the more detailed, heavily-rendered style that Lee adopts for covers and on titles such as Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, so there’s no excuse not to own a Bermejo page if you’re a fan of his!

Wolverine #55, page 4 by Simone Bianchi – $555

Amazing Spider-Man #1.4, page 12 by Simone Bianchi – $600

Simone Bianchi OA sold for very fair prices this auction, given the beautifully-rendered art you get for the money. These sales demonstrate that the value of Bianchi panel pages have somewhat plateaued over the past 3 years or so, which might indicate that it’s a good time to buy-in if you like his art. Considering the quality of Bianchi’s work, I don’t foresee prices dropping, especially for pieces featuring prominent mainstream superheroes.

Avengers #4, page 12 by Ian Churchill & Larry Stucker – $95

Uncanny X-Men #396, page 10 by Ian Churchill & Norm Rapmund – $113

Ian Churchill OA remains eminently affordable, which is good news for those who appreciate his highly-detailed, tightly-rendered style. If you’re debating about whether to acquire some Churchill artwork, don’t hold off any longer, especially for OA from major titles such as Avengers and Uncanny X-Men!

Detective Comics #2, page 12 by Tony Daniel & Ryan Winn – $425

Detective Comics #3, page 20 by Tony Daniel & Sandu Florea – $2,310

There was a variety of Tony Daniel pieces from ’Tec, Batman and Action Comics in this auction, which was useful in providing an up-to-date picture of the Daniel OA market. The price differential between the above two pieces illustrates the power that a splash page – with its large single image – has in this hobby, even against a decent action panel page!

Spider-Gwen unpublished commission by Adam Hughes – $2,522

This Adam Hughes commission ended slightly higher than the pieces discussed in my December 2016 CLink Featured Auction report, which both sold for $2.3k. However, that Power Girl piece is smaller and less polished than this Spider-Gwen. Overall, I think $2.5k is about right for this high-quality Hughes pinup.

Batman: Long Halloween #3, page 8 by Tim Sale – $605

Batman: Dark Victory #5, page 7 by Tim Sale – $486

Superman: For All Seasons #2, page 21 by Tim Sale – $651

Aside from a selection of pieces from the above three fan favourite titles, this auction also included a non-costume panel page from Daredevil: Yellow #4 which sold for $459. Given the widespread acclaim and popularity of Tim Sale’s work on DC’s and Marvel’s major characters, prices of OA from these titles still seem like good value to me!

Web of Spider-Man #43, page 2 by Alex Saviuk & Keith Williams – $376

Web of Spider-Man #77, page 3 by Alex Saviuk & Keith Williams – $1,275

Similar to Sal Buscema SSM OA, Alex Saviuk WSM pages are currently attractively priced, especially if you’re looking to obtain detailed, dynamic Spidey art from one of his main titles of the early-’90s. Do note, however, that Saviuk WSM OA prices have been going up over the past year or so, with further strong results in this auction. I think the title splash page from WSM #77 went for a surprisingly high amount, given that you only see Spidey’s head and left arm! It once again illustrates the power of a splash page to command large sums, and could also be an indicator of further upward movement in Saviuk WSM OA prices.

Silver Surfer #71, page 8 by M.C. Wyman & Tom Christopher – $195

Silver Surfer #71, page 10 by M.C. Wyman & Tom Christopher – $275

These are very solid results for M.C. Wyman SS pages, which I partly attribute to the trickle-down effect from Ron Lim SS OA prices. With Marvel Cosmic-related artwork so hot right now due to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and the fact that cosmic art rocks!), values of OA from Lim’s SS run have soared in light of its intertwining with the Infinity Gauntlet storyline. I believe this has pulled up prices for SS OA from Marshall Rogers’ run which preceded Lim’s, and appears to be doing the same for Wyman SS artwork (from a 3-issue fill-in near the end of Lim’s run).

Until next time, happy collecting!


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