Amazing Spider-Man #690 1:25 Shane Davis Variant – April 2012

Welcome back everyone! It's another Friday, and time for another episode of Covers from the Unknown! This week I look at a cover from Shane Davis! IMHO, Davis is a very underrated artist. Some of his work on Superman and Shazam was amazing. The Lizard variant everyone talks about is obviously #688, by J Scott Campbell, but two issues later, in #690, Shane Davis actually created a better Lizard variant cover! It's not just him standing there…it is an action shot!

There were approximately 50k printed of #690, so with this being a 1:25, there are about 2k of these out there. It is a decent amount, but not enough for all the true Spider-Man fans out there. If the Lizard ever becomes a main villain again, it may see some heat, and right now, these are very cheap, with a number of them being between $10 and $20. So, if you are a Lizard fan, and want a cheaper (much much cheaper) option to #688, go out and grab one of these!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!


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    Nice write up. I’ve never seen this cover before. May have to pick it up if I can find it cheap in the wild. It’s a pretty sweet cover but it will have a very hard time not being in 688’s long shadow which is, quite frankly, one of JSC’S all time best (done during the time when he was still putting actual effort and creativity into his covers).

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    Probably one of Davis’ best covers. The superior foes variant he did was not bad either.

  • manbat

    I actually like Shane Davis’ cover better than the JSC cover! The colors and action on it are great!

  • misfit138

    With all of the Venom talk on this site, you guys should write about how hot ASM #300 is right now and how it just jumped a lot and is not showing any evidence of slowing down. I just got one at below market value, a CGC 9.4 for $280, and I paid priority shipping. So worth it. I’m getting it signed by Stan in 3 weeks (please stay alive!), and then will get Todd and David. I’m thrilled because that book is being listed in a 9.4 at $350-400 when it was just $100 less 3 months ago. 9.6’s were $350 and now they are $500. This book has such staying power. Get a copy while you can.

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