The Unpressable Defects 41

In this issue …. bad mail packaging, Mel Gibson, movies, eventually they turn to comics and much more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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    You guys do an awesome show every week. I just wish I wouldn’t have to listen to politics in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.

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    Good podcast guys, I especially like the fight stories and bruce lee, mayweather and mcgregor matchups.

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    Bruce Lee defeated a former Shaolin monk that came to his school and challenged him to a no holds barred match claiming that Bruce had offended monks by altering their traditional fighting art. His quick defeat of this runaway monk is a major part of how his martial art “fighting style” became legitimized as combat effective. He was so coordinated that he could generate power into to his strikes like no other fighter of his size. He would drop Mayweather in a street fight so fast that you would have felt cheated out of seeing an actual fight.

  • dpiercy

    I agree the POTA/Green Lantern mash up is ridiculous, but you have to admit a lot of the variant covers were cool.

    Also, WD is still a great show, FYI. ?

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