The Super Sons One


Cool little week with a couple of new series that I have been looking forward to, some good reads and enough variants to keep it interesting … Bring it on!!!

Super Sons #1

This is a series a lot of people have been waiting for since it was first mentioned. Tomasi was born to write these characters and Jimenez' art looks great. It will have a huge run and lots of store variants, but above all that noise, it'll probably be huge fun.

The Wild Storm #1 Jim Lee Cover

Warren Ellis re-inventing the Wildstorm Universe could really go anywhere. Last time he worked on it he took StormWatch and turned it into Authority, but he seems he's going low-key with it. I am one of those people who has a certain amount of affection for the characters, God knows why, but it's Ellis' presence that will make me give this a try.

God Country #1 2nd Printing

First issue was great and after Seven to Eternity's insane raise, it feels like everybody is looking to all new Image #1s looking for the next big thing. Will this be it? Shouldn't we wait until, say, issue #3 at least? How hot is The Fix right now (still a great read though)? Don't waste your time thinking too much about it or you will miss this 2nd print with a new cover …

Image 25th Anniversary Variants

These homage variants seem to be attracting buyers that wouldn't normally buy the title in question. This week we have quite a few coming out: Walking Dead, Sex Criminals (which also has a Fiona Staples XXX variant by the way), Invincible, Manifest Destiny and the aforementioned God Country.

Gamora #3 Michael Cho 1:25 Variant

Michael Cho can do no wrong. His month of iconic variants was pretty awesome and now he's letting us know he can do fake movie posters? How great is that Thanoscope bit? More like this, please!!!

Monsters Unleashed #3 Future Fight 1:25 Variant

We have mentioned some of the Future Fight variants in the past but this seems to be the one that's going to make everyone pay more attention. Possibly the best Bloodstone cover to date, so you never know …

Dead Inside #3

This series has been a great read so far. A mystery, real characters … John Arcudi is one of those writers that we take for granted and is way underappreciated. The art by Fejzula is perfect for this.

Batman / TMNT Adventures #4 Dustin Weaver Sub Variant

Awesome Dustin Weaver cover for a series that my kid is enjoying quite a bit. That background is a remarkable work of perspective and distortion. Sold out at some online retailers, but available in others. Leaving this here just in case …

 Venom #4 Joe Jusko Variant (Amazing Spider-Man #374 tribute)

I wasn't paying attention to the Joe Jusko variants until this one. To the point where I didn't even realize they were all homages. I mean, they all felt really familiar, and I assumed it was Jusko's style, but they actually are painted versions of classic poses. Yoni, I think this means you have a new Crazy for Cover Swipes column waiting to happen. Anyway, this Venom cover seems to have caught people's eye, so keep an eye out for it.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


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    Been picking up the Juskos because I’m a fan of his art. Went for a couple Venoms though, the Deadpool from last week vanished at my LCS before I could get one.
    The Walking Dead #164 Wildcats variant is this week too. I mention because WD doesn’t do too many variants anyway.

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    Micheal Cho is doing the dang thing!

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    Anyone else think that Elsa Bloodstone there looks like Natalie Dormer? (Whether or not you agree with me, this is entirely the reason I had to track one down)

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