Collecting more Obscure X-23

With each trailer Logan looks like it’s gonna be a huge hit. Collectors have been all over X-23 keys for a while but there’s more than just a couple big money books you can go hunting for. One thing I like about collecting X-23 is that she wasn’t overexposed early on. Much like Deadpool and Harley Quinn that makes collecting early appearances a lot of fun and a wise investment.

Captain Universe/X-23 1

Here’s a killer X-23 cover/ early appearance no one talks about much.

Marvel Team Up 15

First appearance of League of Losers X-23

Though not officially a team name Laura is a member with some serious D listers but she’s on the cover and it’s written by a legend.

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe X-Men 2005

X-23’s 6th appearance came in the form of an official handbook!

X-Men 165

This comic is X-23’s first appearance in this X-Men title.

And her first in New X-men…

X-Men Age of Apocalypse 1

First AOA X-23

In this reality X-23 is the daughter of Weapon X and Mariko Yashida.

X-Men The End Dreamers and Demons 4

First X-23 ( E-41001 )

In this series X-23 is a much older and a respected member of the X-Men. Overwhelmed by Lady Mastermind it is revealed that X-23 has a secret fantasy where she and Fantomex are married and have a daughter!

She also appears in Book 1: issue 5, Book 2: Heroes & Martyrs 4 & 5, Book 3: Men and X-Men 1-6 and Genext 1-3.

Deadpool GLI Summer Fun Spectacular

As if Squirrel Girl and Deadpool in Bathing suits isn’t a good enough reason to buy this book, X-23 also makes an appearance!

Marvel Universe VS the Avengers 2

First X-23 ( Last Gun on Earth )

In this post-apocalyptic reality the Punisher hunts down those heroes/villains who are now crazed cannibals! X-23 also appears in issue 3.

Venom 13

First X-666

I am a big fan of this series and the sketch variant for this issue. X-666 was created by Blackheart to challenge X-23 as a kind of antithetical foe. Plus she has razor pom-poms.


  • Avatar

    Great article, it’s great to hear about stuff you can find in the wild. Thanks!

  • Avatar

    Great article mate loved it
    I love this character , been on her from the start
    As far as I know her first appearance in any comic form is Marvel Previews issue 2 December 2003
    There is a picture of NYX 3 cover inside previews with her on it
    This is for all you completist like me but the article is called true firsts
    Paul Nicholls from Aus

    • Topher

      Great info bud. I just checked and she does indeed appear. She also appears in December 2003’s Wizard mag 148. The picture from 148 is her cover image to issue 4 of NYX and the picture in the book you mention is a cover shot of NYX 3. Because they came out in the same month I now kind of like you book because it publishes the cover to issue 3. Also there aren’t many of these on Ebay.

  • misfit138

    I’m surprised that X-23: Target X #1 Djurdjevic 1:10 variant isn’t hotter. Great great cover!!!! It can be had between $30-60. For now.

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