Street Fighter & A Few Classics

Hey everybody! Time for another set of beautiful cover swipes! Let’s get right to it!

Street Fighter Unlimited 8 Kingdom Come 1
Back in May, I highlighted the first 7 issues of this series, each with a beautiful swipe or two. Here are the final 5 issues.
Street Fighter Unlimited 9 Magnus Robot Fighter 1
I really like this one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the little details are what make the swipes even better. This one even has a Valiant symbol swipe in the bottom left corner!
Street Fighter Unlimited 10

She-Hulk #1

Savage She-Hulk 1

Another perfect swipe. I might have to build a set of these one day…
Street Fighter Unlimited 11 X-Men 2099 1
I love all of these! This one probably the least since the original isn’t a comic I’d call “swipe-worthy”(like sponge-worthy in Seinfeld) but it's still nice.
Street Fighter Unlimited 12 Deadpool 68
Don’t know who Dan-Fool is supposed to be but then again the only Street Fighter I ever played was Street Fighter 2.
Legends 1 Fantastic Four 259
Here’s one I had no idea about. Remember when Legends 1 was a popular book? Yeah me neither.
Red Tornado 3 Detective Comics 385
Another Neal Adams homage, only this time he isn’t homaging his own cover.
Marvel Treasury Edition 18 Wings – Band on the Run
Here’s another one I came across in my internet searches. I saw Paul Mccartney in concert a few years ago. He puts on a great show even though he’s older than my parents!

Hope you all enjoy these! See you next week!


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