1 Superior Spider-Man #20 J. Scott Campbell 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Giuseppe Camuncoli
That sound you heard is this book passing all the other books on the list in turbo mode.  High grade raws have now passed $500.  Just incredible how a book can explode like this just did.

2 Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol. 4) #17 Stephanie Hans 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Valerio Schiti
In my opinion, there are better Gamora variants out there.  This one is the latest/greatest though, so it is the current hot one.  Selling for $30-40 out of the box.

3 Daredevil: End of Days #3 David Mack 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: David Mack
This had been a $10-15 book a few months ago.  It is now selling for $40 raw and is nowhere to be found.  It is a haunting reverse homage to DD #182.

4 New Mutants #26

WRITER: Chris Claremont
ARTIST: Bill Sienkiewicz
The Super Bowl commercial put this on the radar, but the pilot delivered the goods. It remains to be seen if Legion the TV show can translate into comic success, but this was a solid start.

5 Venom (Vol. 3) #3 J. Scott Campbell 1:100 Variant

WRITER: Mike Costa
ARTIST: Gerardo Sandoval
Price has stabilized in the mid-$200's.  It was interesting to read that JSC drew this cover as his interpretation of the Venom Disney Infinity character piece.

6 Power Girl #27

WRITER: Matthew Sturges
ARTIST: Hendry Prasetya
Just like the Adam Hughes Catwoman covers ballooned recently, this Warren Louw cover is now selling for $75.

7 Black Adam #1 Alex Ross Variant

WRITER: Peter J. Tomasi
ARTIST: Doug Mahnke
Showing some moxie, this book keeps pushing forward despite the fact that it isn't terribly rare.  Raws are now selling for $50+.

8 Poe Dameron #10 Stuart Immonen Variant

WRITER: Charles Soule
ARTIST: Phil Noto
Perfect storm of iconic scene, hard to find and the recent passing of Carrie Fisher has resulted in this being a $25-30 book.

9 Superior Carnage #1 Marco Checchetto 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Kevin Schinick
ARTIST: Stephen Segovia
This has been slowing increasing over the past few months and now raws are moving close to $150 and a 9.8 sold for over $300.  Oh, and the artwork is nice too.

10 Batgirl (Vol. 5) #6 Francis Manapul Variant

WRITER: Hope Larson
ARTIST: Rafael Albuquerque
Nice cover and a 1st Appearance by Penguin's son has pushed this quickly to a $20 book.  More evidence (along with #6 on the list) that not all variants have to be incentives to pick up heat.

X-Men Legacy (Vol. 2) #5 Jorge Molina 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Simon Spurrier
ARTIST: Jorge Molina
I mentioned this book last year in my Ghost Hunting column.  All copies, like all of them, are gone off eBay.  Those $25 sold ones are VF and VF- condition for the record.

Deadpool the Duck #3 Michael Walsh 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Stuart Moore
ARTIST: Jacopo Camagni

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