Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #1 – Alex Ross Sketch DF Variant – March 2011

Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown! This week we look at a Alex Ross cover that I had no idea existed! Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #1, the DF sketch variant. It came out in March 2011, from IDW. With the new Kong movie coming out shortly, and the rumored Kong vs Godzilla movie coming in a couple of years, I believe a lot of the older Kong and Godzilla comics will see a boost. This is one of the ones that could be in demand. Pair this with the Hughes Kong cover, and you have an amazing dynamic duo!

While there are not a lot of these out there, if you can find them, they are very cheap right now. All the ones that have sold in the past couple months have all went for under $10. This DF variant has a print run of 5k. Now is probably the time to grab all the Kong and Godzilla comics you can. Their time in the limelight is coming soon! Good luck and Happy Hunting all!

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