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Granted this has been discussed before on BleedingCool and other blogs as a sleeper 1st appearance, the subject of this spec isn't anything new necessarily. Although BC did mention the angle I plan on presenting, I'm not sure if it was a joke or serious.  In any case, however briefly, BC did broach the subject matter which I plan on discussing in greater detail. For those that don't know, the 1st appearance of Death's Head is the UK published Transformers #113 weekly magazine. He actually had another appearance in a comic strip from Marvel UK called High Noon Tex to avoid copyright issues with Hasbro (in order to retain his rights, Marvel had to have him appear in a Marvel property first). He was originally created by Simon Furman as a throwaway bounty hunter character out to collect a bounty on Galvatron at the request of Rodimus Prime.

He had two other random appearances for Marvel in 1988 that some collectors consider his 1st true appearance since he wasn't a Transformer.

Doctor Who Magazine Vol. #135 Dragon's Claws Vol.1 #5

Death's Head has been a D level character since his inception and had some limited popularity in the 90's through the UK published Marvel material. He was also relaunched under the name Death's Head II during this time. This is where it gets tricky. Wanting to get away from Transformers style robots, they wanted to relaunch Death's Head into a more edgy, modern character. The original Death's Head was decapitated and later assimilated into the body of the cyborg called Minion. The personality of Death's Head eventually overwhelmed Minion and took over, hence the name change to Death's Head II. It's the same character, but in a different body essentially.

Death's Head II's first appearance is in Issue #1 of his self-titled series published in March 1992 by Marvel UK. Believe it or not, there are very few of these books graded at the moment. It's a 90's book and we all probably had the 5 pack we got from Wal-Mart with this in it, but it's still surprising as more haven't been encapsulated.

Now, this is thin, and I mean very thin, as far as speculation goes. I would put this at under 3% chance of actually being correct or possible. This is thinner than Ben C in high school.

I saw a solicitation last week for Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 (toy line) to be released July 25, 2017. There have been rumors that Adam Warlock will be in the movie, rightfully so even though I can't stand him. Below shows a list of the characters that will be released. One name really stands out to me as odd and obscure…just the kind of character James Gunn would sneak in on everyone as he did Howard the Duck: Death's Head II. The other interesting one on the list is Ex Nihlo. More on that at a later date.

I understand that this in no way confirms that Death's Head will be in GotG Vol.2, but I do find it very interesting he will be released into a figure under that collection during this time period. GotG Vol.2 was shot in London; Death's Head is a Marvel UK property…coincidence?  He is a bounty hunter that would have multiple angles to be included in the film if Gunn decided to sneak him in a bar/spaceport type scene. He also has some history with the Guardians of the Galaxy and,as Death's Head 3.0, made appearances in the Planet Hulk comics which is one of the plot lines for Ragnarok allegedly. Marvel could introduce a wise-cracking bounty hunter before DC does with Lobo, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit. Gunn has already proven he isn't afraid to take characters that nobody has heard of, or are considered washed up, and turn them into relevant characters again. (You think Howard the Duck would have had multiple series the past few years if not?)

Transformers UK Weekly #113 is already a ghost. Copies rarely come up and when they do they aren't in the greatest condition. I bought a copy earlier in the week on eBay when I saw the action figure line-up for the first time and figured it was worth a gamble. What I wasn't expecting was how damn hard it was to find one. Apparently there are more Death's Head fans than I thought, or a ton of Transformers completionists.

I will say again, this is a very thin speculation and one the haters are going to love lol.

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