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Not the most interesting of weeks, but some good stuff coming out. I was going to add that Gamora variant but I am not feeling it at all. I could have added some regular series we have already mentioned here, but there doesn't seem to be anything too special going on this week in any of them … Here we go!!!

Red Sonja #2 JSC 1:40 Virgin Variant

There is a regular cover with the exact same drawing and trade dress, which is good because JSC fans will want some of this.

Steven Universe #1 1:50 Foil Variant

A 1:50 of a popular cartoon adaptation that already did some aftermarket noise with its previous mini? Could see some movement …

Kingpin #1 Bill Sienkiewicz 1:50 Variant

Bill Sienkiewicz's covers seem to be getting better lately. Don't get me wrong, he's always been great, but lately it seemed like he was relying too much on his computer. It's probably just an impression, but it seems like he's using his brushes a lot more again.

All-Star Batman #7

Scott Snyder gives us his angle on Poison Ivy and another great artist teams up with him. Tula Lotay is pretty awesome and if you are not familiar with her work, she's somewhere between Phil Noto and Tommy Lee Edwards. Looking forward to this!!!

Death Be Damned #1

As much as I pretend The Thrilling Adventure Hour is not something I want to try at all, Acker and Blacker's comic work has rarely disappointed me. Supernatural westerns are a tough sell in comics, but this made it to my pull list.

Justice League America: Rebirth

Nth iteration of a dark / covert-ops Justice League, but the creators, again, make all the difference. Of course, having Lobo and Batman teaming up (instead of fighting) should make for an interesting dynamic.

A couple of good covers …

Shirahama strikes again and, even though I don't like the colored version, that sketch version of the Spawn cover is impressive!

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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