Breaking News: ShaunCon 2017 (A Celebration of Freedom and Comics)

breaking news

The Unpressable Defects would like to announce that after the success of the Unpressable Defects podcast. Local celebrity and our very own Shaun he will be hosting his very own personal Comic-Con on Feb 20th. Shaun will announce a venue very shortly, but he will be grilling free hamburgers and will be handing out free beers to all that attend. He will also be hiding numerous copies of his favorite CGC books at the venue for lucky podcast listeners to find.

Shaun is known in California and in certain “lifestyle” circles in Mexico as Bigg Legg, and is one of CBSI's favorite members to date. He has been known to enjoy a few adult beverages as he buys and sells comics, so him having his own Con made the most logical sense.

Bigg Legg is also a proud American who enjoys freedom. That is a central theme of this Comic-Con. He wants people from all walks of life, races and religions to come and have fun while buying/selling/trading comics with him. His idols include Macho Man Randy Savage and the legendary Raiders coach John Madden. Anyone who wears a Bo Jackson #32 Raiders jersey to this event will be eligible to win a “Night of Drinking at Shaun's House”. He will provide chips and will drink with you all night as he shows you his impressive collection of slab comics and rare “funny animal books”.

Details and the venue aren't finalized yet. Message Mel Vaughn on Google Hangouts at any time of day in the upcoming days to get the final details.

Enjoy, and remember. Freedom Rings!!



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