Black Canary, Passengers, Black Flash & more!

The Flash Comics 86

First appearance of Dinah Drake ( The Black Canary )

If you find Arrow bit of a mess I understand. The show has been increasingly tough to watch. I find myself hoping for a Cersi like moment where Deathstroke returns and kills all of Oliver’s friends in one swift explosion so we can get back to coherent storytelling. Introducing the metahuman Black Canary was kinda cool though.

Weird Science 20

If you haven't seen Passengers I recommend one viewing. The story owes a great deal to this comic.

There is also a more affordable but still hard to find reprint:

Superman: Lex 2000

The new Powerless show was OK. There was one interesting development. It appears in this universe Luthor is president! At one time he was elected in the comics too, just not in 2016.

The Flash 138

First appearance of the Black Flash

Now I can’t take credit for this pick. Speculators ran wild trying to get the jump on the new Flash villain, most betting on the Black Flash. Prices on this book jumped but when it was revealed that c-list baddie Savitar would be tormenting the speedster everyone kinda just forgot about 138. Prices did remain quite high for a book with no real spec value so the market is still kind of bare. And then DC’s LOT had another great episode. LOT has been getting better and better thanks to good writing and even better interactions between the new Legion of Doom members! When the origin of Thawne was revealed and this guy appeared I figured it was time to go grab a copy.


Note: Google+ group member Jamie Pencz pointed out that issues 139-141 are key books too!

The Incredible Hulk 111

First appearance of Planet Berhert

Here's some minor GOTG spec.Hulk 111 ( first planet Berhert ) Considering the team has been shown on its surface and the fact that the movie's big bad dad is a living planet I find it quite a coincidence that the plot from this issue centers around the acquisition of a planet destroying weapon.

The New Eternals 1

More GOTG 2 Speculation…

Ayesha and her race are called the Sovereign. That name only exists in one place in Marvel comics. It’s possible her race might be the combination of the Celestials, Eternals, Deviants and New Breed. This movie's main themes are going to focus on family. The races I mention above are all new incarnation of each other starting with the Celestials. In this comic Ikaris takes on the name of Sovereign.


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