JLI … 30 years later!

hot5new30 years later and still an amazing read. In a time of Watchmen and Dark Knights, this run dared do the unthinkable: be fun and funny at the same time. It spoiled us too, as there's never been something like this again.

Disclaimer: This would be one of the three runs I would take to a desert island, so when I heard that February marked the 30th anniversary of the series, I had to do something about it. Now, it's easy to find other articles online that express much better than I could why this is one of the best runs ever, so we are going to take a look at some peripheral comics that might not be so well-known.



Relatively easy to find, the price seems to be going up, especially in high-grade as this was a newsstand variant. A CGC 9.8 sold for $250 recently. One of two comics that tested a new DC logo (the other one being Fury of Firestorm #61).


JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 Millennium Edition Chromium Cover

Millennium reprints are not all that hot, but this is a chromium cover too. With a minuscule print run of 3,118, making it one of the smaller print runs in the whole series. It would look better if the art took the whole cover but, come on, who doesn't like shiny?



 After Countdown to Infinite Crisis made it ripped the heart out of the whole concept by killing one of the main characters and making another one a killer … Still hoping everything will be turned around at some point, but in the meantime we can enjoy alternate takes like this one, if you can find it, as it only sold 8,657 copies!



Comparing the sales numbers of this (11,205) to even the lowest selling issue of Formerly Known as the Justice League (38,363), it would seem clear that people who would be interested in this book didn't hear about it.



You can find all the issues of the series easily, but this one immediately comes to mind as one of the most underrated in the back market, as it is the proper introduction of Lobo to an unsuspecting DC Universe.

So you've read Justice League #1-60 and Annuals #1-5, Justice League Europe #1-36 and Annuals #1-2, Justice League Quarterly #1-4, Justice League International Special #1, JLA Classified #4-9, Formerly Known as Justice League #1-6 and that short story in JLA 80-Page Giant #1, but you still feel a hole of sadness … what now?

Well, as I said above, there hasn't been anything quite like it … Justice League 3000 was a lot more fun tha you would expect and it did start re-building the JLI in the future, bringing back the original Blue Beetle and Booster Gold and building the same kind of rapports between team mates as you could find in the original series. Unfortunately, by the time it became Justice League 3001, Beetle and Booster were brushed to the side … Still a pretty good run, even if they never finished the story.

What I thought might be fun is take a quick look at some tie-ins or related issues you might have missed during the first run. These are not necessary at all but it features DeMatteis and/or Giffen working with the same characters while they were working on the series and bringing with them the same brand of madness. Enjoy!!!

Secret Origins #33-35

Secret Origins decided to tie-in with the JLI series by featuring the origins of some of the lesser known characters, making the covers a tryptich to make sure no one missed it.

Martian Manhunter #1-4

Awesome little mini-series giving us a more in-depth look at J'onn and Martian culture.

Mister Miracle #6-8, 20

Whether it was co-starring G'Nort, Blue Beetle & Booster Gold or Oberon going chainsaw-crazy, Giffen and/or DeMatteis brought their magic to these issues.

Dr Fate (1987) #3

Possibly the darkest guest-starring appearance of the JLI ever, makes sense it was in a comic by DeMatteis and Giffen.

Dr Fate #15

DeMatteis invited the JL characters to figure out what had happened with Dr Fate in her own title.

If you've read all of these, I am afraid you are pretty much done. But, as I said above, eventually it will all come back. At least this one has more chances than the Detroit-era Justice League!!!


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    Great article! Also one of my all-time fave series. Will have to get those Mister Miracle issues; not sure I remember/have those!

  • misfit138

    The art on this run was really great but I didn’t care for the writing style and I have avoided this team for 3 decades since. I always felt it was silly for the sake of being silly. I know there’s a lot of readers that enjoy this slapstick Deadpool humor, but not I. Guy Gardner’s act got stale very quickly. I have a copy of the #3 variant, great cover, especially during the cold war. I feel the Grant Morrison run is the best JL I have ever read, even with Super Mullet. As always, nice work on the article.

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    Awesome article Inigo! Your love of the stories within these comics always shines through in your articles 🙂

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