Image 25th Anniversary Homage Covers

My apologies for missing last week. All three of my kids managed to get sick at the same time! Thankfully they are all better now and back in school out of my hair (which is funny since I have no hair). This week I am going to highlight the beautiful cover swipes Image is releasing in the coming weeks to commemorate their 25th anniversary. I really love these!

Curse Words 2

Invincible 1

I didn’t like the premise of this book and am glad I didn’t pick it up. I have heard it isn’t the best read out there.
Deadly Class 26 Cyber Force 1
I remember how much hype there was surrounding Image when their first few titles were released. I also remember how disappointed I was in the stories within each of these books when I first got them. Image has come a long way since those early days…
Descender 19 Pitt 2
I don’t like either of these covers…pass.
East of West 31 Team Youngblood 19
Not much to say about this one. A very nice swipe but since the original isn’t an iconic cover it seems wasted.
God Country 2 Savage Dragon 1
I missed out on the first issue of God Country but hopefully there will be a second printing as I would like to read it. Plus this gorgeous swipe for issue 2 makes me want to pick it up as well.
Invincible 133 Youngblood 1
Youngblood was the book that started it all for me. I’m sure some people feel sorry for me for that fact but don’t worry, after years of therapy I’m ok now 😉
Kill or be Killed 6 Walking Dead #1

Walking Dead 1

I wonder if Image would still be around today without the success of The Walking Dead?
Revival 47 Witchblade 1
Revival is a book I’ve been meaning to read. Basically anything with dead people coming back to life intrigues me.
Sex Criminals 16 The Wicked and the Divine 1
This cover fits the overall vibe coming from Sex Criminals. It’s a very funny book.
Walking Dead 163 WildC.A.T.S 1
Another book that had so much promise when it came out but never delivered. Wilcats I mean, not Walking Dead!
The Wicked and the Divine 26 Sex Criminals 1
This cover was hilarious the first time I saw it and still pretty funny with this swipe.

Have a great weekend everybody! Enjoy the Super Bowl!


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    There’s one you missed, Monstress 11 and personally I think it’s the best of the bunch. I pre-ordered it, the God Country and Walking Dead swipes and passed on the others.

  • jason jones

    Yeah, these are great ??????

  • Avatar

    pass on most of theee, but I will get the Walking Dead covers, I love the #1 swipes when they do them. The Wildcats swipevfor WDvis meh, but you cannot not buy any WD variants. But I still hate Carl.

  • Avatar

    Love the Wic/Div homage to the fourth printing of Sex Criminals #1. The Walking Dead swipe of Wildcats is pretty funny. Not a Keown fan, but the homage to Pitt is well done. Otherwise, these are pretty blah.

    Revival is a great series. It had a bit of a lull in the 30s, but now that the end is in site, it’s a great read again. Highly recommend it.

    As for Wildcats, Alan Moore made it actually interesting, and then the Joe Casey run over v2+3 was amazing. One of the best American-written comics ever.

  • Khoi Cakes

    Good work Yoni!

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