Justice #5 – 2nd Print Variant by Alex Ross – June 2006

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown on another Happy Friday! If you are a regular of this weekly column, you will know last week I gave you some Black Adam advice! This week, I pull a 180, and give you some Shazam! Just like Black Adam, Shazam has very few variants out there. What that means, is when the movies come out, and people start looking for these hard to find variants, you better be ready! This week I present to you Justice #5, the 2nd print variant, by Alex Ross. Amazing Shazam cover, from June 2006. Hmmmm…didn't we already have a Ross Black Adam cover????

Here is where we get to the good part. The Justice series had very big print runs, with most being over the 100k mark. BUT….and I will emphasize this, all the 2nd print covers were under 2k. #5 comes in at 1,700. I am not sure how many of these are out there in the wild, but online they are very scarce. Also, to note…for now, they are all over the board. I have seen these as low as $3, and as high as $30. If you can find them for cheap, I would grab one or two. In the long run, I guarantee you will be happy with this decision!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!


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