Weekly Picks For Comic Books Releasing February 1, 2017

Brian takes a look at the new comics this week and, even though they're less than impressive, he still finds some jewels (Walking Dead incentive variants … they're like printing money) … Go ahead, take a look, let him know if he forgot anything, but if I were Iñigo (and I am), I would say there's not enough Mandrake fighting antropomorphized animals covers here (King's Cross #4, I love you already)!!!


  • Avatar

    I had no idea about the Bullseye 1:50 Bill Sienkevich (spelling) cover. I still enjoy the Star Wars action figure variant covers, but never caught onto any of the other different action figure covers for Marvel or other publishers. I also need to look for the Star Wars 40th anniversary #s 1 and 2……

  • theHallofComics

    Some great covers this week! Quick note: the Joe Jusko Vision variant for Avengers #4 was not a 1:1 – retailers had to qualify for it.

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