Of Holly Robison, Attack on Titan, Batman vs Shadow and Tonya Harding!?

He Said/ She Said 4

First appearance of Tonya Harding

The hottest chick in Hollywood is gonna strap on the mom jeans and take on the role of the infamous Tonya Harding! That sounds like movie magic to me! THis might be the ugliest first appearance ever produced.

Bessatu Shonen Magazine September 2009

First appearance Attack on Titan

Warner Brother looks to adapt the famed manga by Hajime Isayama. If you haven’t read this series of books I suggest you do, it’s quite a premise. There are English translations but the first appearance was in the first issue of Bessatu Shonen.

Batman 404

First appearance of Holly Robinson

This one is already a historically significant book and not a book one is going to find in a quarter bin. At this point we just don’t know much about the Gotham City Sirens film so I think it’s fair to speculate on characters that were central to the formation of the team. Holly used the money she helped steal from Hush to escape a life of crime.. She has ties to both Harley and Catwoman and I could easily see her as a supporting character.

Batman 253

Scott Snyder is writing a Batman/Shadow crossover but it’s not the first time they have met. With Snyder attached look for the series to get some buzz, hopefully getting this key back issue some much deserved love.


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    Good Lord!(choke!)

    That Tonya Harding cover is hideous! Like something from an old EC comic… Is she an evil elf? Some sort of Man-Bat hybrid? And that weird distorted body with giant ass? Who was the “artist” on this? He’s either tge worst cartoonist in the world or a genius savant of horror comic art. You decide!

    Tha stuff of dreams….or nightmares!?

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