Classic Cover of the Week 1/30/2017


New Week, New Covers!!



Another one of those “First Horror Cover” in comics, though I really do side with the folks suggesting this is an Adventure cover, not horror.  Jack Binder pen and ink cover from a very deep run of great covers.

I was just talking to Nicc Thompson about this run, when he sent me a message suggesting I check out issue 7 of volume 4, though some know it as #43.

Point being this is fantastic cover, from the true Golden Age of comics.

Strange CGC census info of 2 6.5s and 3 6.0s…  That's it.

SHELF DATE of December 1941




Another Jack Binder cover, because, well, because people should check out his work.

One of my favorite MM covers out there.  Not much more to say, I mean, look at that cover…  I need it, no copies have come to market for a while, so those looking, get in line.

6 On the CGC census.  2 9.2s, an 8 & an 8.5 then 2 7.0s.  Very strange for a Fawcette to have so few copies, but the pretty tight spread of 7-9.2 is curious to me.

SHELF DATE of September 1945

As always, thanks for looking, folks!


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