DCU Legacies #9 – 1:25 Bill Sienkiewicz Variant – March 2011

Good morning, afternoon, or night gang! Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown! This week is all about Black Adam! I do believe, whether you love him or hate him, that Dwayne Johnson's casting of Black Adam will be huge for DC. For starters, it was big enough, where there will be a whole movie devoted to Black Adam. Right after shirts of the “S” and the “Bat”, I think you will see many people wearing the black shirts with the lightning bolt! IMHO, you should be ready. With that being said, I present to you one of his few variants out there, and I believe the lowest print one…..DCU Legacies #9, the 1:25 variant by Bill Sienkiewicz. To give you a comparison, the 1:25 variant of #8, is the awesome Darkseid cover, and is already way up there in price. Black Adam does not have a lot out there right now, and you know everyone will want his stuff eventually. While everyone is out there buying the Alex Ross variant, try to find this one…..it could be huge.

This came out in March 2011, and had a print run of slightly under 20,000. So, technically this means there are about 800 out there. But you know not many stores ordered 25 issues of this comic. How many variants are out there? I would say 400-500. But that is just a guess. Heck, it could even be less. There are a couple on the ‘bay right now, with approximately $50 price tags. At this time, it might be a good price. I could see these becoming a hundred dollar bill soon.

If these do go quick, or you want a less expensive variant of him, check out the Van Sciver variant of Forever Evil #5. Its a good one too!

Happy Hunting ladies and gentlemen!


  • Khoi Cakes

    Thanks for bringing this one up Jason. Sienkiewicz fan so didn’t know about this one.

  • Avatar

    Is the Ross a 1:10? It’s a very nice cover, but I’m surprised how bonkers it is going with a 52K print run. Just alot of copies out there for a Black Adam book in my opinion.

    Legacies 9 will be a ghost when more people realize its existence. Strong pick in my opinion.

  • Avatar

    So you jump on bleeding cool for writing an article about star wars #49 and not crediting cbsi but then proceed to write an article about the sienkiewicz variant to legacies #9 without crediting the collectors-society forums?

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