New Contest!!!

Once again, our good friends at M&M Comics (still surprised at the amount of more than reasonably priced modern variants on their site) want you to get some free comics. And this time it's a double set of their Animosity #4 and Animosity: The Rise variants. What do they look like, you say? Thought you'd never ask:

Gorgeous, right? Keep in mind that these color and spot color variants are limited to 175 and 75 respectively and now you have a chance to win one of two sets of the 4 covers!!!

Who do you have to hunt down, skin and eat to get them? No one!!! You just need answer the following question:

If your pet experienced “The Wake” what is the first thing they would say to you?

The two best replies will get a set of the 4 covers each!!! Comment section will be closed by Monday. Only one reply per user.

Winners of JJ's WWE #1 contest


Apparently JJ had a really tough time picking up the winners for the contest launched last week, in fact he couldn't decide on 2 winners, but I will let him explain …

Okay, so my beloved wife, also a WWE mark, picked 3 winners because I asked her to pick 2 and since she is my wife…she had to one up me. So her favorites were among mine and honestly, they were all awesome comments. I kept waiting for lame responses and each was great!

So the winners:

JoeGualtieri – my ringtone is the SHIELD theme song and we both love the SHIELD and agree with you!

Shines – lots of Rowdy comments but she laughed because she loves that line and so do I!

And her favorite was simply because I sing his theme song around the house and the comment was spot on (and again, he is on the Mount Rushmore for me) …

bigashsexy – Shawn Michaels HBshizzle

And heck, let's give one more because I grew up loving him…

4th prize because I feel like it…

thebionicbookdepository – KOKO B. WARE!!!

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for posting. Seriously. I had fun reading them and this was tougher then getting my Masters degree…

Sale code still working until it goes away very soon!

All best and thank you Inigo and the whole CBSI team for their assist!

PS: I would have sent 2 copies to anyone that said Jimmy Linguini as their favorite 😉

So, there you have it, folks … Will contact the four of you in a couple of days to get your addresses. Great job everyone!!!


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    My pet would say, “Why’d you take my manhood?”

  • Avatar

    Mine would say “If I wasn’t in this glass bowl, I’d so rip your head off and piss down your neck, mother fucker!”

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    My pet would say “I really love you and all, but would you stop feeding me this crap dog food and start feeding me more of the scraps of food from your plate?” I like real chicken, not this chicken pate mush!”

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    My pet would say “Tell your girlfriend (cat’s owner) to clean out my kitty litter box more often, Do you know what it’s like to walk on your own crap and piss , there is only so much room in the damn box, honestly”.

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    My meat obsessed chihuahua: “ok Carl — let’s get down to business. The apocalypse is happening and it’s not looking good for you and frankly for me either. I’m a four pound salami swimming with a pack of sea wolves so we’ve got limited time here for my Bucket List. First I want to get a $5.55 Big Bag from Hardee’s. Them a $5 Bonafide Big Box from Popeyes chicken. After that we can eat whatever Carls JR’s latest disaster of a burger is. Let’s make the end of civilization as delicious as possible!”

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    My pet would say ” How about you stop treating me like a human baby!!”

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    My dog would say: “Give me your leg so I can hump it.”

  • microchipsandsalsa

    So you picked the winners based on your favorites?

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    My dog would say to me:

    “I’ve been trying to warn you about those damned terrorist squirrels for years, and you never listen! Why do you keep filling that damn bird feeder? Didn’t you get the message everytime I caught one of those rag-tail bastards? I brought the body over and showed you!!
    And don’t even get me started on the rabbits, pretending to be on your side!
    WE’RE AT WAR, MAN! Don’t you get it, a-hole?!?”

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    My dog and I have a bromance, so the first thing he’d ask me is when do we get rid of the wife!

  • wondermarq

    First thing my dog would say is simply, “SQUIRREL!”

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    Why do you keep peeing and pooping in my water bowl?

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    I have no pet, but if i had a mouse, it’d say : “Now, i’ll free from my cage and to punish you for this imprisonment, i’ll destroy all your beloved comic books !” And i’d scream “NOOOOOOOOO” :o).

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    My pet would say “Please don’t eat me” Lol

    … I have a wiener-dog as a pet .. lol

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    “It really bothers me when you don’t wear pants. No, seriously.”

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    “I love it when you pick up my shit. Who is the master now?”

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    You stupid human, I have you trained so well at being my servant. I can get you to walk me, feed me, play fetch with me, rub my belly, even pick up each and every turd that falls from my anus, and you call yourself the master!

    (Jake the dog saying this).

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    ” Please don’t be jealous because I can lick my own private parts “.

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    “How about you go take a crap outside and I’ll go read People Magazine on the throne?

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    I’m afraid my dogs would say, “just because it’s called doggy style doesn’t mean we want to see it.”

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    My dog would say, “I’m the good boy! Of course it’s me – I’m the only dog here! Why do you keep asking??!!”

  • misfit138

    My male dog would say, “you know if you could give yourself head, you would.”

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    My Dog Hercules would say, “Remember that time I ate your poop?” I reply, “Yes.” I then get mauled by Hercules.

  • tsouthammavong

    My dog would say, “I’m the Alpha now”

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    “Feed me more, feed me more, feed me more!”

  • orbetony

    “Here’s the deal. I like you. I like this place. I’d like to stay, but some things are going to have to change unless you want every bed and couch soaked in urine. Grab a pen.” – Mango the cat

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    “Bitches, bitches, we both need more bitches.”
    ~AkIra awakened.

  • longballburrell

    “Deal with it.” – Yoda the Yorkie, while humping the life-sized Yoda plushie.

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    My dog Colbert would say: Naming me after a talk show host was a stupid fucking idea because when you did it I couldn’t talk, but now I can and I want my own damn T.V. show.