The Slightly Disappointing One


Light week … Some good reads, some not so good books, not a lot of amazing art … The kind of week where you look at your pull list and realize you don't really need or even want to read 2/3 of it. Be sure to clean your pull list once in a while!

Kiss: The Demon #1 Signed 1:50 Photo Variant

Copy and paste whatever I wrote when the other signed Kiss variant came out a couple of months ago. It's all still true. Kiss Army still strong. Kiss Army want to throw money at Kiss products. Kiss Army want comics with Kiss blood in it. Kiss Army will settle for signed comics.

Reborn #4 1:100 Sketch Cover

This week sees release of the 4th print of #1, the 3rd print of #2 and the 2nd print of #3, so it looks like this series is still doing well. Will this be the one to break the Millar spec-curse?

Not terribly impressed with the first issue of Monsters Unleashed and I was really looking forward to it, but Marvel being Marvel they decided to focus on a new character that I guess will be able to control the old Marvel monsters against this new wave of monsters … Still trust Bunn to give us a good read, though. In any case, a couple of 1:store variants for the tie-ins are coming out this week, if you are interested.
Hulk #2 Elizabeth Torque 1:25 Variant

Awesome cover, Torque seems to be getting better. The standard Dekal cover is pretty good too, but if you have the chance to get this …

The Dregs #1

Chances are people are still burnt out with Black Mask, but their print run numbers are small and they publish all sorts of stuff, so one of them might get big. They should totally tone their descriptions down, though: “Equal parts Raymond Chandler and Don Quixote set in a thriving metropolis that literally cannibalizes the homeless, THE DREGS is the first homeless meta noir ever made.” Really? Is anyone expecting “homeless meta noir” to become a thing?

Deathstroke #11

So this is one of my favorite series right now, add the Creeper, Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz on art and a reflection on gun violence in America and this suddenly becomes way more interesting.

The Flash #15 Dave Johnson variant

BlackSun17 brought up the Johnson variant in the comments a couple of weeks ago and I can only agree with him. Hadn't been enjoying the Johnson variants for this series as they, ironically, felt static, but if old-school is the new direction, I approve.

Kamandi Challenge #1

If you ever read DC Challenge back in the day, I am sure you must have at least smiled when you started hearing about this. A 12 issue mini-series with a different creative team taking care of every issue and following up a story without an agreed plot … Last time it resulted in madness, curious about how this one will go. Lots of good writers and artists on this one.

Loose Ends #1

Whether he's designing Golden Girls t-shirts or writing or drawing comics, Jason Latour is a very talented guy. This mini, which had its first 3 issues published by 12-gauge a few years ago, is an absolute treat and will benefit from a bigger audience at Image … also, we'll be getting an end!

The thing with Valiant & 1:50s

After the recent success of their 1:50 variants, Valiant seem to be going a bit over the top with them. This week, there's three new issues coming out and all of them have 1:50 covers. Overkill or meeting demand? Guess we'll find out soon … A safe guess is that as long as they keep generating buzz and bringing more readers to their line of books, they will keep doing it. I will say one thing in their favor, this week 2nd prints of Britannia #3 and #4 are coming out, and 2nd prints of later issues of mini-series is not something that you see very often.

Swipe of the week

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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    Picking up those Johnson Silver Age Flash variants. Didn’t care much for the earlier ones, but I like these SA ones. I miss word balloons on covers!!!#
    The Creeper is back! Hopefully in his original Ditko form without all the supernatural crap DC was trying to force on the character. Will check it out.
    Also looking forward to Kamandi as it looks like the directive is to stay true to King Kirby. I’m sure one or more of the teams will find that “too restricting” and go completely off the grid. Hopefully not, but I’m in for the ride.
    Finally, why is Dynamite so insistant that we kiss the demon? Is he lonely?
    Is this some early Valentine’s Day issue?

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    No first appearance of Ethan Cobblepot – Penguin’s son? Batgirl #7???

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    Whoa, no Deadpool #25 1:50 variant? Surprised that’s not on here. Pick of the week for me.

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    It’s interesting that you mention those Valiant books at the end of the article juxtaposed your opening statements. I think if folks were reading those three titles they wouldn’t be so sad about 2/3 of their pull list.

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