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Figured it was time for this one. Depending on the type of collector you are and what you look for in a book, there's a few different options out there.

I'm not going to say definitively which one you should invest in because frankly, I don't know… You're the market, you decide the fates of these books with your buying dollar. Not me or anyone else.

I'm keeping the list short, because as we all know, Harley and Ivy appear together frequently. However prior to Gotham City Sirens and Gotham Girls, Catwoman wasn't a part of the mix as often. Since this is a rabbit hole I've no interest in traveling down, here's what I know about these 5 books. I'm sure there are others.

Batman Adventures #12. As everyone knows, it's the first Harley and the first Harley and Poison Ivy in the same book. It also has Catwoman making an appearance inside even though she's not on the cover. So it definitely helps sometimes to read comics. This being a good example.

Harley Quinn #3 (2001). First, in normal DC continuity meeting and cover appearance of these three characters that I've found. This is important to point out. It's in continuity and outside of the animated DC adventures universe. The premise of the issue is Harley Quinn has a party and invites a bunch of Gotham city's bad girls. In many ways it's one of the first time the idea of what would be the Gotham City Sirens was hinted at. Call it an inception into the normal DC comics continuity if you like.

I'm definitely not the first person to mention Harley Quinn #3 and I doubt I'll be the last. I'm a Terry Dodson fan so I own a couple of different issues from this run. All for different reason… Value is not one of them.

Catwoman #89 (2001). This issue was released the same month and year as HQ#3. It refers to events from Catwoman #83 and #84. Which is a Harley and Catwoman team-up sans Ivy. While Ivy does appear in this issue, it's in reference to a separate escapade…

Let me explain this issue in a little more detail. It's a fill in or self contained story where Harley Quinn is pitching a TV show idea… or something. So she's talking about things that have and have not happened in DC continuity up to that point… or possibly at all. Perhaps even things that happened in the Batman Adventures related titles. This is Harley, so who knows. Which is what makes it a fun story above all else.

I'd chalk it up to another inception into continuity of the idea of the Gotham City Sirens. Much like Harley Quinn #3.

Detective Comics #850. As discussed in Topher's article a few weeks back, which you can read about here. I have nothing I can add about this book. It's a prelude to GCS #1.

Gotham City Sirens #1. Picks up right after Detective Comics #850. Technically the first appearance of the Gotham City Sirens title. As Shaun pointed out on the podcast last week, they are not even called the Gotham City Sirens in this book… yet.

All five of these books have merit. Depending on the type of collector you are, one might stand out over the others. As I've said before, nobodies pressing a gun to your head to buy any of these books. Most have already climbed in price with only a mention of a film.

Director David Ayers and actress Margot Robbie are both attached, but so much can change between now and the start of filming. So keep in mind, there's probably still room for growth and a chance (however unlikely) for these books to drop. All will hinge on the direction of the final film. There's no guarantee the line-up will even be Harley, Ivy and Catwoman. After all, we know how Hollywood likes to unnecessarily changes things up. Maybe it will be Harley, Bizarro Supergirl and Killer Frost, because why not.

Who knows what obscure books nobody thought of could rise to prominence. There seems to have been some buzz for the Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special due to the photo above. Which begs the question, if Batman appears in the GCS film or even Bruce Wayne. Would the HQVDS be a hot book… OR the Batman Holiday Special? Since Harley and Ivy put Bruce under a spell in that issue, just to use his credit cards on a shopping spree.

Once more concrete information becomes available the market could start changing. I'd expect it to change as casting news, rumors and eventually trailers will reveal the direction of the final film. Expect to hear more about these and other Gotham City Sirens comic appearances in the months and year to come.

Till next time!

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  • Topher

    All these books are key books in my opinion. Jimmy mentioned a GCS book which cam out a few issues into the series where they actually identify as the GCS. I would add that to your list whatever book it may be. For anyone to say that the books predating Detective 850 or GCS 1 should be considered the first appearance of the Sirens as that specific team is where I draw the line.

    Also you make a good point about Hollywood shaking things up as they do rework source material just like marvel does. This means we should be looking for the comics that represent the first appearance of team along with other books like Batman 404. I wrote about 850 because it’s important. Without it there’s no Sirens book to begin with. Great article Skot, very informative as usual.

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