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This week I am focusing on firsts/key appearances via appendages. Desperate times call for desperate speculation I guess. The truth is I actually love these kind of books and in my opinion there’s no reason why they should have a special place in any fan’s collection. Some of these are pretty well known but not every collector has seen them. If I missed any please let me know in the comments!

Amazing Spider-Man 25

This one is surely the most expensive book on the list. Because MJ’s face is completely blocked out it’s not always considered her first appearance. I totally dig this book because it’s really a weird panel.

Web of Spider-Man 18

Most die-hard collectors shrug this book off but it’s definitely Eddie Brock pushing him onto the tracks. I like the next book a bit more but if CGC and the market consider Man of Steel 17 Doomsday’s first appearance then I am not sure why WOS 18 doesn’t qualify.

Web of Spider-Man 24

When people think of Infamous Brock/Venom appearances, WOS 18 is always the one that comes to mind. A few issues later Peter’s Spidey-Sense fails him again and this time it sure looks like Venom’s arm, not just Eddie Brock’s!

Secret Wars ( 2015 ) 9

Spider-Man and Superman originally met in the treasury pictured below. It’s a pricey book for sure. Alex Ross decided to include his rendition of the book on this super-cool cover which depicts historic events throughout Marvel’s history! I don’t think Marvel could just drop Superman onto the cover of one of their books so Ross just included his foot! (This is not the first time Alex Ross remakes this cover, so we included the full art from the time he fully did it.)

Superman MOS 17, Action Comics 683, Superman Vol 2 issue 73, Adventures of Superman 496

Superman MOS 17

MOS 17 has always confused me as a first appearance. All these books came out in the same month but MOS 17 is the one which holds the most value. Later printings are noted by roman numeral on the cover.

Note: There is a second printing of this comic.

Superman Volume 2 issue 73

Superman #73

Page from Superman #73

Note: There is a second printing for this comic

Adventures of Superman 496

Adventures of Superman #496

Page from Adventures of Superman #496

Note: There is a second printing for this comic

Action Comics 683

Note: There is a second and a third printing for this comic.

Green Lantern 20, 20 sketch variant, 20 combopack

She’s not one of my personal favorites but fans seem to love her. Jessica Cruz’s first full comes later but her hand made an appearance in these comics.

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  • Avatar

    I didn’t realize there were other first appearances of doomsday. But as far as mos 17 being the first first, could it be that it came out the first week of the month?

    • Topher

      Yea that makes the most sense! I actually like Superman 74 because it’s the first time we see his face under the mask.

      • Avatar

        The triangle number is what tells you that MOS is first chronologically.

        • Avatar

          Yes, exactly. It’s amazing to me how this has been forgotten. For good or ill, from Invasion on through the early aughts, the Superman titles were essentially one title with a rotating creative team. Think Brand New Day Era Spider-Man if Marvel kept three Spidey titles going instead of making Amazing thrice-monthly.

          With Superman #51, they started putting the triangle numbers on every issue so everyone knew for certain the reading order. For awhile, there was even a quarterly book (Man of Tomorrow) so there was a Superman issue every single week.

  • Avatar

    I knew about the multiple printing of Doomsday. But I’ve never looked closely at the last panel to notice the differences. MOS 17 for the win

  • Avatar

    Wow great article Thank you for breaking it down!

  • Avatar

    “Most die-hard collectors shrug this book off but it’s definitely Eddie Brock pushing him onto the tracks. I like the next book a bit more but if CGC and the market consider Man of Steel 17 Doomsday’s first appearance then I am not sure why WOS 18 doesn’t qualify.”

    This is a good, complex question. Here’s the thing, no one knew about Web #18 and 24 until David Michelinie did an interview Wizard in the mid 90s, and wanted to set the record straight about Venom’s creation. There’s a version of what he had to say here:

    So yeah, that arm being Eddie Brock is kind of a retcon, but only kind of, because no other explanation for it ever appeared in the comics. Still, Michelinie’s explanation of his original female Venom seemed to keep fans from full embracing the issue.

    I do wonder if time plays a factor as well.
    Web #18– September 86
    Web #24– March 87
    ASM #298– March 88

    That’s big gap, and likely why people forgot about the storyline (such as it was).

  • Avatar

    Just a tiny correction, there is NO 3rd Printing for Action Comics #683. While I have seen a few databases/websites that claim there is a 3rd Printing, as a completest who has every issue and Printing of the Death of Superman storyline, I can assure you that it is a mistake. I have sought this book out for over 20 years and NEVER come across a copy nor have I ever seen a picture of it. I also have other friends who have been on the lookout and they too have NEVER seen one.

    • Topher

      Is it possible it’s a DCU Upc printing ftom the walmart packs? You are right though, I can’t find an image either and my DCU upc list does not have it. My list starts with Action 695 but I’m always finding new ones I didn’t know about so who really knows? Thanks for reading and commenting.

      • Avatar

        Love the topic! Keep ’em coming.

        From the article, there exists a 2nd Printing of Superman: The Man of Steel #17 which ONLY has the Roman Numeral II.

        For Action Comics, the DCU UPCs start with the 3rd Printing of #684 (it also has the Roman Numeral III) and then there is also a 2nd Printing of #686 (which also has the Roman Numeral II).

        Not sure what the Walmart Packs you refer to are, but if you mean the various DC Collector’s Packs/Sets and the 20 Comic Bricks, the first Cover Dates where DCU UPCs show up in those are on the Feb 1994 comics. There are one or two exceptions (the random Green Lantern #36 DCU UPC Edition from the Green Lantern 7 Pack for example) but I’m pretty certain there is no 3rd Printing of Action #683 based on the combined research of several friends over more than a decade.

        Just note that these Packs were sold at multiple places like Kay-Bee Toys, Toys ‘R’ Us, Caldor, etc. so to avoid confusion, I wouldn’t use the term Walmart Pack. Unless, of course, you know of specific Walmart ones, then please share!

        • Topher

          Yea I have some Universe variants still in the packs that I believe were exclusive to Walmart and I have heard others claim that certain ones were only sold there. It’s tough because there is no definitive source for information concerning thee books. It would be awesome to know what books were sold where. Thanks for commenting. I forgot Caldor existed and you add some key info regarding the UPC books, they are fun to hunt for.

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