Femme Forgotten: Marvel Part Deux

Been gone for a while but I’m back with some more first appearances that get no love! Being that I have been laid up for a while, I have been doing A LOT of reading. As such, I have noticed a couple of ladies that I thought could be major players in the Marvel U and other forgotten characters whose first appearances can be found on the cheap!

Danielle Cage

The Pulse # 13

The daughter of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage: currently her powers (if any) are unknown, her future is unknown, and Marvel's plans for her are unknown. Given all this lack of information, this character has the potential to be YUGE!!!!! She has shown up recently in U.S.Avengers as Captain America. but it is yet to be determined if this is the 616 Danielle or an alternate universe version. Either way, this is a long hold but can reap benefits in the future!


Extraordinary X-Men # 1

A creepy little character that looks straight out of the Ring, this child even gives Dr. Strange the heeby jeebies! Though a protégé of Magik due to her supernatural powers, her actual mutant ability is the mastery of language, with magic being the language she was exposed to first. In the future, she could be a major supernatural player. This issue also has a relatively cheap J. Scott Campbell variant.

Iso / Xiaoyi Chen

Inhumans #4

One of the first Inhumans, she was originally introduced as being the next body host for Capo. With the help of Reader (1st appearance also in issue #4), she escaped this fate and has become a valuable resource to the Inhumans. Though her powers are pressure manipulation, she has shown a prowess for science and is currently starring alongside Beast in the X-Men vs. Inhumans mini. There is also a MAD! variant that is nice.

M / Monet St. Croix

Uncanny X-Men # 316

A super powered Muslim character way before Kamala Khan, M had a good run in the super group Generation X. Like many Marvel characters, her origins are extremely complicated, and in this case include an impersonation by her merged twin sisters. She is currently one of the stars in Uncanny X-Men and boasts superhuman strength, invulnerability/healing factor, and telepathy.  She is also the sister to Marius, also known as Emplate.


Uncanny X-Men # 317

A teleporting mutant, she was originally introduced and killed during the Phalanx Covenant crossover in the 90’s.   She was re-introduced during the Age of Apocalypse – her popularity mostly stems from her role in The Exiles in which she joined other characters from different dimensions who are tasked with fixing temporal anomalies.

Madame “Maddy” Curie Cho

Incredible Hercules # 133

Sister of Amadeus and handler of the Totally Awesome Hulk, she is a super genius like her brother. Not much to say but a 1st appearance nonetheless.


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    I still haven’t been able to find a Pulse 13 in the wild in NM condition, not sure why it’s such a hard book to find.

    The Extraordinary X-Men 1 variant has the bonus of being a Magik cover so it could see some heat as we get closer to the New Mutants movie.

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    I was thinking the same thing Rob. Went to over 10 comic shops with a good supply of back issues. No one had any copies of The Pulse.

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    “Maddy” Cho has cameo appearances in Incredible Hercules #130 & 131, but she isn’t named until 133.

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    Are we considering Uncanny #316 M’s first appearance? This is a Domino in New Mutants #98 situation where someone else is impersonating the character. If I’m understanding what happened right, Monet first appears in Gen X #1 as Penance, and she first appears as herself in #40.

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      CGC has New Mutants #98 as first Copy Cat as Domino, not Domino. They don’t recognize anything on Uncanny #316 and Gen X #1 only mentions CHamber’s debut.

      CBCS has New Mutants #98 as first Vanessa (disguised as Domino). I don’t see any Uncanny #316 from them. They have Gen X #1 as first Penance (Monet St. Croix)

    • zraximus rouge

      Yup, in went with the earliest. But also correct
      On the rest.

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