Classic Cover of the Week 1/23/2017


New Week, New Covers!!



This title is littered with skeleton covers, but this stands out as another Golden Age Skull cover among collectors though it seems it was overlooked for years.  Personally not a big fan.  Not sure if it's the art, the lettering, or what but perhaps that is why it stayed reasonably priced for so long.

10 Copies on the CGC census, all are universal.  5.3 average grade with a 8 being the highest reported to date and a lone 3 at the bottom.

SHELF DATE of April 1953










What a fascinating cover.  This is the kind of shit Bob Ross would paint if he did comic book covers back in the day…   But it is not a BR, it is in fact Frank Thomas contributing the pens and inks.  Published by Centaur, this book is pretty tough to get a hold of, though there is a copy online as wel speak.

9 on the census all Universal.  An 8 at the top and a 1.0 at the bottom the average comes out at 4.5

SHELF DATE of March 1940

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