Connecting Wars

No new Hip Hop covers this week so I’ll go back to connecting covers.

Star Wars 1-6 Mile High Comics Variants

While I love these covers the price of each issue is a little more than I would want to pay. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on these some day…

Star Wars 7-12 Mile High Comics Variants

Another beautiful set but too rich for my blood.

Wolverine 66-70 Second Print Variants

A new Old Man Logan trailer came out this weekend so why not highlight some connecting covers from the original story?

Walking Dead 158-162

The latest connecting covers from the Walking Dead series. Not as valuable as the first set of connecting covers but still a nice set.

Secret Wars 1-8 Simone Bianchi covers

There is A TON going on on each of these covers! Very impressive work in my opinion!

Justice League: A Midsummer’s Nightmare 1-3

90’s connecting cover goodness!

Have a great weekend everybody! Enjoy the NFL championship games!


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