After our last contest went south we needed to take a break and go back to a store we know and trust: JJ's Comics.

This time, they bring to us their WWE #1 variant:

Limited to 1,000 copies and featuring a Finn Balor cover by Corbyn Kern, this book looks awesome. Having said that, I have not watched wrestling in a while so I want you to tell me who your favorite wrestler is and why. The top 2 answers, as chosen by JJ, will get this variant for free. Only one comment per person allowed. Comment section will be closed by Monday.

JJ was nice enough to also give us a promo code for a $5 discount on their online shop: just enter CBSI as the code to get $5 off!!!

Thanks JJ and good luck to all participants!


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    Thanks for posting and I’m excited to see who people pick! Don’t worry about who your 2 favorite are, not a popularity contest, just why you did or do like them!!!
    Let’s have fun?

  • tsouthammavong

    Ultimate Warrior – war paint was awesome

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    Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson. Well known from ‘The Wrestler’, a brilliant documentary about an aging wrestler. Oh, not a documentary? Next you’ll tell me Rocky IV is not a documentary either?

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    Ahmed Johnson, cuz he crushed Goldust who I HATED

    and Andre the Giant cuz he was the man and the Princess Bride was one of the best movies

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    ISAAC YANKEM because..he is one ugly Mofo

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    there is only one Undertaker. nobody can beat his entrances.

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    The British Bulldogs, because they were at the first WWE event (then WWF) event that my dad ever took me to. Steel cage match against Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Brutus Beefcake! I still remember 7 year old me calling Brutus a “Beefhead”, and hoping my dad didn’t get mad at me for calling someone names!

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    Scott Steiner. Mostly due to the fact that his grace and glory have saved my life from the fierce grip of the devil numerous times. And all his Genetic Freakuids said, “praise be to Big Poppa Pump.”

    Cheers, from your local devotee of the Bulky Church of Genetic Freakuids. Holla if you hear me.

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    Macho Man Randy Savage. It was very difficult for him to stand out since he had to lose every fight to the hulk, but he was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time without a doubt. And if you haven’t heard his rap album all I can say is listen to it because it will take you places you never been before.

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    Seth Rollins– the Shield storyline got me into wrestling in a way I never was before and while all three members are great, Rollins is a cut above with his combination of moves and mic work.

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    Mick Foley, he gave everything to his wrestling career and put his body through absolute hell for his fans. Plus he looked like the kind of guy who would walk into a dive bar and buy everybody drinks just because it was a weekday! God love him!

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    Stone cold steve austin and bastista aka drax the destroyer

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    Rowdy Roddy Piper, who said one of the greatest lines in sci-fi movie history:

    “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass – and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

    They Live! Obey!

  • Jason S

    This is a no brainer….Ricky the Dragon Steamboat!! All time favorite wrestler! He had it all. All around great wrestler and amazing entrances! He had amazing entrances when no one else did!

  • longballburrell

    The Total Package – Lex Luger. Great wrestler, phenomenal physique, and a life story meant for the big screen. Like a lot of these guys, his life kinda fell apart after his wrestling career ended – drugs, alcohol, legal problems, even paralyzed from a spinal cord stroke. He came through all that and uses his story to teach and motivate others to avoid his mistakes. Great stuff!

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    Macho Man Randy Savage of course because he climbed the Tower of Power was Too Sweet to be Sour was Funky Like a Monkey and…ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh

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    Bryan Danielson aka Daniel Bryan. I’ve follow his career since I’ve first saw him in the early 2000s in ROH. It was great to see him succeed in the WWE and sad when he had to retire from in ring performance.

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    I grew up back in the Hulk Hogan WWF era so it was Ultimate Warrior for me. His entrance and look along with his intense power in the ring amazed me as a kid..standout moments were his quick Intercontinental title win over Honky Tonk Man and his career vs career match against Macho Man at WrestleMania!

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    Ric Flair… to have a long lasting upbeat vibrant personality at his age, as many wrestlers do isn’t easy cakes .. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also like Jesse Ventura lol … he became Governor of Minnesota and a leading conspiracy theorist speaker lol

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      Mick Foley. So many reasons why. Mr. Sicko for one. Getting thrown on a bed of tack numerous times. Amazing showmanship. Flying off 20 feet cages countless times. Not to mention his movie appearance in Big Money Hustled as Cactus Sac. Hilarious. Great movie!!

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      Sorry that Mr Socko was auto corrected.

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    My favorite wrestler? That’s a hard question. When you have the likes of Ric Flair, Randy Savage, AJ Styles, my first look into wrestling would have to be Rowdy Roddy Piper. He was so good on the mic and one of, if not the greatest, to never win a world championship. When you can crash people into sets, smash coconuts onto someone’s head and still be cheered while being booed for being the bad guy? You have something special.

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    Barry Horowitz – Killer mullet and back slapping gimmick

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    The Sandman from ECW. Smoking and drinking his way to the ring every time.

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    My favorite wrestler was roddy roddy piper! He had some of the best mic skills and was fun to watch in the ring. When he was on tv, you know something was gonna happen!

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    Easily is Ric Flair. The man you loved to hate. Had his own section of Horsemen fans at most places he wrestled. I can remember the early 80s where he was a special attraction in Orlando and would wrestle people like Luger and Dusty Rhodes. He could work a match with a mop and make the mop look like a million bucks. That’s charisma.

  • thebionicbookdepository

    Koko the bird man beware because how could you not love a man with a parrot.

  • misfit138

    No one has, or would probably ever mention Leaping Lanny Poffo who would later become “The Genius”. Lanny would enter the ring throwing frisbees and then he would recite a poem about his opponent. He later became the Genius and eventually beat Hulk Hogan in 1989. He was the brother of Macho Man Randy Savage.

    Jim Black from the 1970’s would probably be #2 because he wore a nasty black singlet and was just so fat and ugly.

  • microchipsandsalsa

    the American Dream Dusty Rhodes was and still is my favorite wrestler. Didn’t look the part at all but was a smooth trash talker on the mic who always entertained the crowd. The bionic elbow was simple yet electric! And lastly his theme music made me want to get up and dance! Amerrrrrrrrican Dreammm!!!

  • Skot Whitman

    Favorite wrestler of all time? that’s easy!

    Keiji Mutoh aka The Great Muta!

    Seems to me Finn Balor and the countless other dark mysterious painted face wrestlers over the years owe Keiji Mutoh a huge debt of respect.

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    GOLDBERG! Easily the most impressive in the ring performer, from the point of view that it actually looked like he was inflicting pain. Looked like he was attempting to break people in half. Introduced the “spear”.

    Nobody touches Mick Foley from a left it all out there point of view. Never seen anyone with his ability to endure what had to be incredible pain, and did it as all those different characters.

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    Would have to be Mick Foley for me. He has had a long career, and many aliases. He can make you laugh, right after making you cringe. And lots of sacrifice that can’t be measured.

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    I’m going with a team. The Dudley Boys are hands down one of the top 3 tag teams ever. They can take bumps, are awesome on the mic, and can be great babyfaces, but even more awesome heels. The achievements they have gathered over the last 20 years is ridiculous. A lot of tag teams would not be who they are today if not for the Dudleys.

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    I have to go with the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, the Honkey Tonk Man. He played all the hits, he was cool, cocky and babad.

  • dpiercy

    I’m going to say Asuka. I love the “joshi” style of professional wrestling and the way NXT/WWE have been promoting her (undefeated after 200 matches?!?) I also like how, while attractive, she breaks the mold of Barbie style girls NXT/WWE gravitates toward. She is a true original in the promotion and soooooo fun to watch.

    Great idea for a giveaway, thanks.

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    If I had to pick my favorite wrestler of all-time, it would probably be Sting; if I had to pick the best wrestler of all-time, it would probably be The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. However, I’m going to go with my current favorite wrestler: AJ Styles.

    AJ Styles is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Generally considered one of the best technical wrestlers in the world for the last 15 years, including being named PWI’s top wrestler in the world BEFORE he made it to the WWE, he has made huge strides over the last couple years. He had been a mainstay in TNA Wrestling for years and was considered one of the brand’s originals, where he had numerous 5 star matches with everyone from unknowns to wrestling’s greatest stars like Kurt Angle and Sting, and was part of the first pay-per-view to have a cruiserweight (x-division) main event (Seriously, if you haven’t watched it yet, here’s the link: – It’s from Final Resolution 2005, and generally considered one of the best matches ever). He won every title with the company, then left and went to New Japan Pro Wrestling and won their Heavyweight Champion (joining the ranks of Brock Lesnar as one of the only American wrestlers to hold that title), and completely changing his character, becoming a legitimate heel (A.K.A. villain) for the first time in his career.

    In 2016 the world finally got to see what fans had been raving about for years; AJ Styles made his WWE debut in the Royal Rumble to an outstanding reaction. This was a groundbreaking move on multiple levels. First, Vince McMahon and the WWE have had a long-standing policy that if you began in TNA and became a star there, that there was no place for you in the WWE; they took it as giving legitimacy to a company that didn’t deserve recognition. Second, even when they started to soften their stance, it was only in NXT (the WWE’s minor league, online-only brand), where the talent would train and learn the WWE style, with the possibility of making the main roster in the distant future. AJ Styles bucked both of the trends by debuting immediately on the main roster (no NXT training) and by being treated like an immediate main event star (no doghouse treatment because of his TNA affiliation). Since his debut, he’s wrestled Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania, carried Roman Reigns to 5 Star matches on 2 occassions, beaten Dean Ambrose for the title (on 09/11/2016 – and he’s still the champ), and pinned the face of the WWE, John Cena, clean in the middle of the ring.

    Styles also has respect from the legends of the business. Kurt Angle has said that if he could have one more match with anyone it would be with AJ Styles; he said he’s every bit as good as HBK (Shawn Michaels), and that he can carry anyone to a great match. Rick Flair has said that AJ Styles may go down as one of the all-time greats. Stone Cold Steve Austin criticized the WWE’s original booking of Styles, saying that he was a legitimate star and should be pushed to the moon. Booker T has said that Styles does “nothing but deliver.”

    Styles has the skills, the pedigree, and the title and deserves to be considered the best wrestler today.

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    The greatest wrestler of all time is “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. From his classic heel turn moment of throwing his tag team partner through a barbershop window all the way to his retirement match with the Undertaker. For a guy who was only 6’1″ in a time when giants ruled the business, Shawn elevated the “sport” of Professional Wrestling to a true art form….

    Also, he used to be kind of a sleazeball and bang other wrestler’s girlfriends on the road.

    ….and he also had one of the best theme songs ever. Who else would be willing to sing about themselves (in the 3rd person, no less)…”I think I’m cute. I know I’m sexy.”

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    Legion of Doom were my favorite, when I saw what I thought were one of my favorite bands in 4th grade (Gwar) enter the ring I was so excited. Even when I found out they were not the same people that were not in Gwar, I wouldn’t accept the truth. That costume presence was too perfect for wrestling.

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    The ringmaster… aka Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    He used to have a dirty green speedo and called himself the ringmaster. LOL

    He then was trying to change his image and needed a new ring name and his wife at the time had served him some tea and had told him to go ahead and drink his tea before it get’s stone cold!

    And that’s where the name came from that made him a super star.

    Good thing his wife was british and used that expression because if she were another nationality she would have said something like “Go ahead a drink that tea before it gets a tad chilly” LOL

    Can you imagine the announcer while he entered the ring:
    “And his opponent, weighing in at 220 pounds, TAD CHILLY STEVE AUSTIN!!!

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    By far it has to be Ultimate Warrior! Just his entrance alone can not be touched by any WWE superstar.