Variant Heat Check for 1/18/17


Ms Marvel #2 Molina Variant

Ms. Marvel #2 1:50 Molina Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: radioactive

This book nearly broke a G raw!!! That’s quite amazing, and worthy of the number one spot this week.

Seven to Eternity #1 Blank Sketch Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

What was once a $15-20 book has suddenly turned into a $50 book. I know of a few blank sketch books that go for good money, but the real question is would you dare get a sketch on it?

Ninjak #23 1:50 Templesmith Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

So Valiant sells less books than Zenescope and Bongo, but they do have some rabid (rich) collectors. Their fans pay up when a book goes into ghost mode.

Captain Marvel #1 1:50 Ross Variant

Drops this week!

It’s nice to see Alex Ross getting his due.

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.


  • jason jones

    I don’t normally buy Valiant, but am a fan of templesmith and dig that Ninjak cover. ??

  • Avatar

    After a recent post on G+, I would be checking cover A’s for loose staples.

  • Avatar

    Oooophh, as much as I am a completionist and am still missing the blank cover variant for S2E, I find it entirely impossible to spend +20 on a blank cover.

  • Avatar

    Going to have to call “bull” on that Ms. Marvel #2 “sale”. Copies of the book have absolutely flooded the market, showing that it is not rare or hard to find at all, and multiple raw copies sit for months at far lower prices, a graded 9.6 barely cracks $750 just a couple weeks ago, and we’re supposed believe this “sale”?

    Sorry, but no.

    • Avatar

      The person who sold the raw copy said it was 9.8 so if the buyer thought that the seller had graded it accurately then he got a deal. A 9.8 slabbed will sell for at least a few hundred dollars more than what he paid for it. I don’t know why you think this is a fake sale. Everyone knows that the monetary difference between a 9.8 and 9.6 can be astronomical.

    • Keith S.

      Flood, what flood? Could you please explain? The last sale of a raw book was back in October as far as I can tell. Most of these books have been sent in for grading or are sitting in people’s PC.

      Also, I checked and the buyer had over 300 feedback, but other than that can’t get any other info since it wasn’t an auction. A lot of things can be faked on Ebay, but I’m not sure how you could determine this sale was fake based on such little information.

      • Avatar

        Yes that is my point. Multiple high grade raw copies have been offered for far less than this, and sat and sat and sat and just one had a noticeable crumple on the cover that would make it sit. I’m not sure how they are sitting in collections or “rare” with 20-some copies on ebay alone the last few months, in most grades, including multiple copies of 9.8’s (one of which was bought not too long ago only to be re-listed immediately).

        There is genuinely an attempted market manipulation on this particular book. Shilled auctions, fake buy it nows, etc. Some variants are actually too rare for something like this to really be done. This book is common enough where it can be done. Any early appearances of actual rarity are long gone by now and the book is being gamed.

        • Avatar

          How many CGC 9.8s are there on the CGC census?

        • Keith S.

          you’ve seen 20 raw copies of this book for sale (with very little actual sales) within the last few months? wow, if that’s true then I guess I don’t know what I’m talking about.

        • Khoi Cakes

          Every copy that I have seen has gone for good amounts between multiple buyers with the exception of BINs (which I do think are overpriced). And they have not sat. Every underpriced copy has moved quickly, I know because I have been able to only buy one. The only ones sitting are the overpriced graded BINs which I just mentioned. So you’re saying 20+ copies listed over several months is common? You need to get your definitions tweaked.

          • Avatar

            Yes. Just look at all of the unsold copies cluttering ebay in both sold and unsold expired listings. That will tell you all you need to know. Sellers are dumping it en masse because they know the demand is not real.

          • Khoi Cakes

            Of course there are going to be dead listings. And the reason for that is b/c some sellers are asking for exorbitant prices. I’m not disagreeing with you about that – that’s just fishing and it happens to all hot books. But for you to make a blanket statement that sellers are dumping them is delusional. I’ve bid on at least 4 books and they ended up FMV at the time. Why am I willing to pay that high a price? Because I think the cover is phenomenal, one of the best moderns IMO, and I can’t find it in the wild. End of story.

  • Avatar

    does no one else think that Valiant cover looks like Dhalsim?????

    Glad to see Alex Ross on top, his art can be amazing

  • Avatar

    When virtually half the slabs on the CGC census are for sale on ebay along with multiple raw copies, at the same (Ms Marvel #2) that is the exact opposite of a book “disappearing into PC’s”. That is in fact, a book that has been pumped (by multiple fake “sales”) and is in the process of being dumped. I.E., it is at the end of its spec cycle and the artifical prices created by the artificial demand are about to fall.

    Buyer beware on that one.

  • Avatar

    I think a Saudi Prince bought that copy of the Ms. Marvel 2 variant.
    There are better things in the world to buy for a thousand dollars.
    I would at least spend that kind of money on a Golden or Silver Age book. Not a modern variant.

    • Avatar

      Dude. There are so many modern variant books out there that are more valuable that silver age first appearances. Just because a comic is 50 years old doesn’t mean that it should be worth more.

  • Avatar

    Hey Man. Im just saying that this book does not scream a thousand dollars. I mean were talking about a raw copy here not a CGC graded 9.8 or 9.9. There are some really nice modern variants out there that I think are better. Would I spend that kind of money on one. Probably not.

    • Avatar

      You’re both right. Age doesn’t and shouldn’t automatically have anything to do with whether or not something is valuable. The vast majority of SA is extremely common, and can be had anytime in almost any condition whenever you want it. Whereas the primary appeal of modern variants is there exclusivity and rarity.

      But at the same time, when virtually the entire premise of a modern variant’s value is that it is so “rare and hard to find”, and yet there are 8-10 copies sitting on ebay at any given time, then it’s hard not to question the alleged “value” of that book. There are other examples of actually rare variants, that rightfully command high dollars. Books that go weeks or months even years with no copies offered anywhere. Ms. Marvel #2 is not one of those books, and these alleged “sales” are not supported. Some have said that the cover is nice. Sure, it’s a cute cover. But this is not a new book and people have known about this cover for awhile now. It’s alleged rarity is what kicked off these conversations about this book. This book is not rare. At least not in the extreme or unusual sense that would actually justify some of these fake sales.

  • Avatar

    I sold one of my copies of Ms. Marvel 2 in September I believe. I listed it as a 9.4 ( though I felt it could have got a 9.8 at cgc ) It sold for best offer of $450. Even if the book doesn’t move at 1k raw often ( unless a slam dunk 9.8 candidate ) Its still a very expensive book, that people are listing high, as they would rather hold it, than sell it too low. Which is why you have so many completed, unsold copies. I don’t blame anyone for trying for a high amount. It seems within 48 hours books can double in value sometimes.

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