The Extra Variantey One


Lots of awesome variants this week, so if you are a collector or a flipper, it will be busy. For the rest of us, we still have Batman, Superman and JL/SS to get us through the cold, so not a bad week all things considered.

Variant Insanity

Mighty Captain Marvel #1

2 Alex Ross covers (1:50 color and 1:store sketch), hot character, … Hard to see why this wouldn't remain hot for a while. #0 sold just over 50K copies, so assuming the 1:store covers have a print run of 1,000, the 1:50 might be in smaller supply.

Curse Words #1

Is it me or are Image publishing an insane amount of variants since they announced they wouldn't? Well, not Marvel's level of insane, but more than they did before the announcement. This comic in particular has 5 different covers, 3 of them being ratio variants. The one above is a 1 per store, which seems to be something other publishers are going for too (like Boom and WWE #1 this week). In any case, this looks good!

Gamora #2 Francesco Mattina 1:25 Variant

We've all been waiting for this cover for a while now. Great cover and it's been doing great at pre-sales, but what does it mean in the short term? I'm betting this will have legs for a while longer.

Monsters Unleashed #1 Mike Mignola 1:100 Variant

This comic has so many variants I am not even going to pretend their ratio (Arthur Adams seems to have a 1:store, and Ron Lim some sort of premium?). The only one I would seriously consider (this being a mini) is Mignola's because he's taking a break from art and he hasn't worked for Marvel for a while.

Venom #3 J. Scott Campbell 1:100 Variant

Seems like Marvel are back with their Hot Artist / High Ratio formula. I think this is the model that makes the most sense, to be honest. It kinda sucks if you're a collector, but you can do like the rest of us and ignore it … Venom #2 sold 38K, if retailers didn't bump up their orders, this could be very rare!!!


Revolutionaries #1 Paul Pope 1:50 Variant

Not in the same league as his Transformers variants, but I guess some people out there want to get a full set. They are going to look awesome all together.

Budget Sanity

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #6

Wyrm's first comic book appearance and the very cool choice of John Lees and Nick Pitarra as the creative team make this comic something to keep an eye out for. That the previous issue's sales numbers is in the mid 10Ks is another reason why this might be interesting.

Dollface #1

Already a hot character, this should not be under-ordered, considering it has a few store exclusives coming out. It will be interesting to see if this gets some kind of legs or Action Lab remains a low print run success.

Cover Hits

Dell'Otto and Adams … Actually, Adams has 3 million other covers coming out this week, but this coming at you through the wall while being shot and destroying the logo layout is absolutely brilliant and few artists can pull it off the way Adams can. Dell'Otto's must be featured, because it's just awesome.

Clone Conspiracy #4 Cage #4 Arthur Adams 1:25 Variant

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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