Bizarro’s One for 1/18/17


Bizarro am not back to end new year. So few cover Bizarro love so am telling people not to buy this week.

Justice League Vol 3 #13 Cover B Variant Yanick Paquette Cover (Justice League vs Suicide Squad Tie-In)

Wonder Woman?! Why she yelling at Bizarro?! Look Out Wonder Woman, there fake Bizarro behind you! Bizarro hate your new half bizarro face and not want to ask you on date… Bizarro take Wonder Woman to worst restaurant in town.

Justice League vs Suicide Squad #5 Cover B Variant Amanda Conner Cover

LOOK OUT HOOK JAWS! Aquaman have giant fork! You not trust him. HOOK JAWS and Croc man should team up and eat Aquaman! Bizarro not help you. You not smart to team up with Bizarro so you team up with Aquaman.

Suicide Squad Most Wanted El Diablo & Amanda Waller #6

Bizarro not think wanted this at first. Bizarro know are 5 issues Bizarro not wanted most. This one Bizarro must want because it say so in title. Title would not lie to Bizarro with action packed cover like this!

Powerpuff Girls Vol 3 #6 Cover C Incentive Julia Vickerman Variant Cover

Bizarro not sad when no happy dance Revolution cover this week. But then Bizarro see this comic. Big head girls dancing on cover almost as good as dancing robot on covers. So Bizarro buy instead.

Classic Popeye #54 Cover B Incentive Jorge Gutierrez Variant Cover

Bizarro not have to stair at cover long to see happy apple with legs dancing on pink island. There are signs, boats, words, crown, cave and bombs an anchors! Bizarro know it a treasure map! Man at comic shop try to trick Bizarro, say it Popeye on cover. Bizarro not dumb.

Hookjaw #2 Cover C Variant John Aggs Cover

HOOK JAWS in own book also this week! Bizarro buy to read how HOOK JAWS escape from inside mans head. Bizarro think it Aquaman fault. Bizarro warn Hook JAWS Aquaman not be trusted. Break the glass HOOK JAWS, then you be free!

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #23 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover (Clone Conspiracy Tie-In)

AHHHH, why pretty lady pull off spider-man skin! Him look normal when him not have spider-skin. AHHH! Quick Spider-man put your skin back on! Bizarro not want to see that! Bizarro just kidding, Bizarro know that not real spider-man. It really backwards inside out spider clone!

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #3 Cover C Incentive Droids Variant Cover

Bizarro not know when R2-D2 and C3PO became awesome. Bizarro want to team up with them and have lots of fun adventures! Bizarro, HOOKJAWS and Star Wars robot team up will be worst selling comic ever! If Super friends and Wonder Teen Ranger can team up, anything not possible.

Monsters Unleashed #1 Cover I Incentive Geof Darrow Teaser Variant Cover

This Bizarro favorite cover of week! Bizarro must buy to find out why dinosaur have arms growing out of foot. Bizarro am doctor but Bizarro not think dinosaur have foot fungus.

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #14

Bizarro must read to find out why X-Men Jubilee team up in Hell Cat Comic? Why everyone have cat eye on shirt? If Bizarro want to read about eye, Bizarro read Cave man and cyber robot eye comic #4 instead!

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