Of Darksabers, Supernovas, Marches, Capcom’s Monster Hunter and More!

There’s no rhyme or reason this week, speculators. After the Extreme thing I have realized that anything can happen when it comes to production companies who desperately want to taste the pleasures that a hit comic film can yield. While I’m stocking up on Defiant, Blackthorne and other defunct catalogs you all should sit back and enjoy what I’m hunting for this week.

The Clone Wars: Defenders of the Lost Temple

First appearance of the Darksaber

I honestly had a feeling about the Pre-Vizsla Sword when the toy was released some years ago. Now the sword has reappeared on Rebels. If this weapon ever appears on the big screen you will wish you had it’s first comic appearance…

Note: The Darksaber makes its first appearance in a traditional comic in Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir #1

X-Men 188 ( Sketch Variant )

First appearance of the Children of the Vault

The next X-Men movie has a title and it’s Supernova. This seems really odd to me. There are only a few comic connections here and this one is the most outlandish. Mike Carey’s Supernovas arc dealt with a group of superhumans who were modified in a sort or controlled experiment and eventually they take on the X-Men. I will admit it’s far fetched to think this story will be the impetus for the upcoming film but I have one word for any naysayer-Extreme.

Note: Last May I did a write up on the X-Men in Space as a possible theme for the next film. There were rumors that suggested this could happen so it made sense to look at comics and characters both beloved by fans. The one book that stands out is X-Men 97, the first appearance of the Shi’ar Empire. If now seems more likely that X-Men 97 is the best choice since they use an advanced weapon called the Starcracker which causes stars to go Supernova. Hmmmmmmm…..

Batgirl 1 ( 3rd Print )

First appearance of Alysia Yeoh

Other than Trash Bag Bunch figures, MOC Germs, Billy Ripken Fleer Error Variants, Japanese Star Wars Laserdiscs, original perez art, double-covered comic errors, rare table tennis paddles, velvet nude paintings and Red Apple cigarette props, I collect comic first appearances above all else. DC’s first transgendered character is also on my list but only the 3rd print.

Monster Hunter

First appearance: Shone Rival 8 ( 4-7-2008 )

Credit to Mel V on this one!

Even though Assassin's Creed is a big old flop, studios are continuing to option video games and a lot of characters appear in comics. The people who brought us Resident Evil will be adapting Capcom’s Monster Hunter.

first appearance:

first American appearance:

The second appearance of any Monster Hunter character and first comic book appearance was in the Worlds Unite Sonic/Megaman event. I don’t believe he appears in the FCBD prelude. Gore Magala makes his comic debut in issue 10 of Sonic Boom:

His first cover is in Sonic 275. There are a ton of variants for this issue but he appears on the cover of this one.

275 also marks the first comic book appearances of some other video game characters including one of my childhood favorites:

NOTE: Alex appears in a comic strip in a very early issue of Sega Vison.

March Slipcase

Though not the first appearance, this rare slipcase has been selling out online due in large part to the congressman’s high publicised squabble with Donald Trump. The first appearance seems to be in large supply but this collected work is hard to come by.

I also like the FCBD issue from last year as a cheap buy.

Awesome SDCC Com Preview

First appearance of Kaboom

A Kaboom fan alerted me to this con preview last week. It’s definitely the first appearance of Kaboom, predating my selection. It’s a trough one to find for sure. Kaboom has not been mentioned in the Extreme deal but it was made clear that hundreds of characters are involved. It’s slim pickin when it comes to quality or work from Extreme/Awesome but this one is a rare exception and could make for a good film.

Image+ 7

And finally, there was some discussion about this month’s hottie, God Country over at the G+ group. The book is quite good and I hope it is a true hit. Like S2E it was previewed in Image+.

Oh and if Curse Words ever hits big these glasses are sure to skyrocket:


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