Going to do some more Hip Hop covers this week. Before I do, I wanted to get on my soapbox for a few minutes. Comics are FUN! For me, hunting for hard to find books and collecting them is a way for me to relieve stress. There is nothing I like to do more than dig through hundreds of long boxes for hours on end for a few hard to find gems. I also love to come to the CBSI pages to see what people picked up recently, what character they think will pop in the near future or what book they are enjoying at the moment. The world is made up of millions of different people with all kinds of different tastes. Just because one person loves a book and thinks it will be the next hot book doesn’t mean we all have to agree with that person. Debating a book’s relevance is a great thing as long as it is done in a constructive way. Remember this is a hobby for most of us and hobbies are supposed to be enjoyable! With that, I will get off my soapbox and bring on the next batch of covers! Keep the comments going guys! I don’t respond in my articles but I read every single one of them and take all suggestions good or bad!

Monsters Unleashed 1 Future and Zaytoven: Beast Mode
I’m interested to see how the Monsters Unleashed series will be. Always liked the horror aspect of Marvel comics so this will be a must read for me.
Mighty Captain Marvel 1 Kanye West: The Life of Pablo
Kanye West has always been an interesting character to me. As has Carol Danvers. So this fits.
The Unstoppable Wasp 1 Pusha T: King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude
I really like the way this homage was done. Seems like the perfect fit.
U.S. Avengers 1 Logic: The Incredible True Story
Read the first issue of this series…Hulk only has powers for an hour??? I don’t like it…sorry
Hulk 1 The Game: The R.E.D. Album
I like both of these covers. The red on the original pops more but the green will do in this case.
Rocket Raccoon 1 Tyler The Creator: Goblin
I don’t really like either of these covers but Goblin seems like an interesting name for an album. I’m hoping the Rocket series is a good read. I’ll know as soon as I get through my extensive read pile!

Enjoy the long weekend everybody! Happy MLK Day!


  • JaredrBarber

    Terrific Hip Hop run down Yoni. These variants can get really imaginative and I’ve actually discovered several new fav bands by checking out the inspirational swipe used for the comic art version. I particularly like the unstoppable Wasp one, due to the contrast and well done metal texture on Antman’s helmet. Quite appealing with the simple, soft negative space around the characters.
    I also appreciate your soap box rant as well. I don’t post much in the winter time, as I work way more and the winter weather keeps me off my bike and out of comic stores (thus, comic hunting), but I’m definitely finding out that there are tricks to posting that don’t activate the negatively charged, emotional hot button for comic folk here on the CBSI site. But sometimes, I seem to inadvertently do it. Most recently with a note about “Seven to Eternity”, but nobody’s perfect right? Like, most, I’m learning as I’m going, so as long as I know I’m posting with the best of intentions, I’ll keep playing the game, even if I mess up and lose the odd hand. Wow, that’s my first poker reference ever. haha Anyway, again, keep up the great work with the articles and I hope you find lots of time this winter for diving into long boxes and discover lots of diamonds in the rough. 🙂

  • Khoi Cakes

    That Kanye cover is horrible lol. Keep up the good work my man.

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