Birds of Prey #11 – Stanley Artgerm – November 2012

Welcome back to another episode of Covers from the Unknown! This week, I piggyback off a great article this week by Skot Whitman and the heat generated by Gotham City Sirens! That combo brings you Birds of Prey #11, from November 2012! With an amazing cover by Stanley Artgerm! It features the Birds against Poison Ivy! Truth be told, I want you to do a search for “Birds of Prey Artgerm”. This man has some amazing BoP covers!

This cover, and a good number of the other Artgerm covers have about a print run of approximately 25k – 30k. With that being said, for now, you can find these all for about $5-$10. There are not as many online, as you would think. You might as well add these to your list! Get out there and find these! Happy Hunting ladies and gentlemen!!


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