The Unpressable Defects 36

In this issue …. Trey's off, Jon's back in, God Country and Seven To Eternity, Marvel (Mel really liked Rocket Raccoon), the Too Many Hands Batman Variant and much more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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  • Gwenpool4President

    Tim Sale’s interpretation of anatomy has certainly been interesting on this Batman series, but I don’t see an extra hand on that cover lol. Batman has one hand by her throat/chin and one hand holding her left hand.

    Anyone else think Seven To Eternty is getting into lunacy territory?

  • Avatar

    I had also noticed the daredevil 14 Neil Adams variant. I have a lot of respect for his work in the past but it looked like bullseye was taking a dump in mid-air. The bermejo variant rocks and stained glass A cover was pretty good too

  • mrnivek

    Thanks for talking a little about on site grading, I’m going to C2E2 this year and have a few books to drop off and wondered if I should make that my first stop. I usually hit the biggest artist line first thing when I go. Didn’t know there would probably be a line and a cut off.

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