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One of my resolutions for 2017 is to try to stop reading Marvel and DC books. Is this the first time I try to do it? No! Will I really try this year? Yes! Will I fail? Miserably! Marvel and DC have an amazing pool of talent, so not reading Marvel or DC is missing out. Same as the people who only read Marvel and/or DC, I guess … In any case, it doesn't bode well for this attempt as I now pre-order my comics (as should you) so I will have Marvel and DC coming my way for at least couple of months more. Will it affect this article? No idea!!!

The Expensive

Squirrel Girl #16 1:Store Variant

I am not sure the interest is there, but while the print run for this will be small, the other variants (2 different 1:25s and one of those “order more than 125% of … to unlock this cover”) for this issue's will be even smaller. We get it Marvel, it's Squirrel Girl's 25th anniversary, but there are less than 13,000 readers out there (Disclaimer: I am one of them!)

Red Sonja #1 J. Scott Campbell 1:50 Variant

Issue #0 was just a quarter, but what happens when the issue is full price? How many retailers will order more than 50 of the Nth volume of the adventures of Red Sonja? Quite a few but just to get this cover, so don't overpay for this.

The Good

All-Star Batman #6

Snyder continues his revamps of Batman enemies and this time is Mr Freeze's turn. Jock's in the art too. Snyder, Jock, Batman … good times!!!

Flash #14

Yes, another DC title, another cold based enemy … and look no further than the next title to find another one. It's winter, we get it, DC. Anyway, looking forward to the new version of the Flash's Rogues.

Justice League vs Suicide Squad #4

If the interior delivers on the promise the cover makes, I will be more than happy. Good to have Lobo back!

Titans #7

This issue has three good things going for it in my book: it's not drawn by Brett Booth (nothing personal), it features a Superman / Flash race and it connects Superman and Wally West as survivors from the pre-nu52 universe.

Justice League / Power Rangers #1

Craziest crossover in a while, but Suicide Squad / Banana Splits is coming out in March. I pre-ordered the Hipp cover sight unseen and it's a true delight.

Grave Lilies #1

Cullen Bunn being the writer made me pre-order it and I sighed with relief when I took a look at the actual preview. This book looks really good.

The Pretty

Spider-Man #12 Richard Isanove 1:25 Variant

Never expected to have Isanove here, but I have a soft spot for this kind of cover.

Army Of Darkness / Xena: Forever And A Day #4 Ben Caldwell Virgin

Ben Caldwell is quickly becoming a can't miss artist in my book.

Suicide Squad #9 Lee Bermejo Variant Daredevil #15 Lee Bermejo 1:25 Variant
 Lee Bermejo has a cover coming out in a Marvel, DC and Image title in the same week! Surely that's some kind of record? For completists his 3rd cover is Moonshine #4

The Best

OK, so here's the thing, I really like David Rubín's art … You might have seen his art on the Aurora West books, The Fiction, Ether and The Hero, or you might be sick of hearing me talk about him. In any case, if my words ever sound reasonable to you, hear me out right now: This book is amazing! It came out in Spain a year and change ago and (if it looks anything like the original Astiberri version) it's one of the most beautiful books I have seen lately. Chances are you know the story by now, but the art and the colors will make it look entirely new. Honestly, this is finger-licking good!

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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