Pantalena’s JL/SS #1 Variants: The Facts

We ran a promo contest for these variants a while ago but they haven't been released yet (even though they were supposed to come out 3 weeks ago) so we started wondering why. The silence of pre-orders seller, Transitive Comics (promoters of the comic and the ones who contacted us in the first place) didn't help so we turned to Islander Comics owner, Wilson Little, to give us some more details on the whole affair. This is what he told us:

I've known Glynn A for over 15 years and he has been a friend of the store over that time. A few years ago we did an Islander Comics exclusive cover for Fathom #1. It was fun to do but I, as the owner, didn't want to continue doing similar projects like this one. He asked if he could do other variants on his own and I told him yes but only with my permission and knowledge beforehand. He acted independently without consulting or discussing with me the details on this project. I was completely in the dark on this one. I know that DC is trying to contact him on what to do about the books since he ordered them without paying for them first.

Wilson, now in possession of the comics, said this about whether the comics would ever be released to the public:

I have been contacted by customers wanting copies of this variant but as of now DC wants me to send all of them back. I am trying to contact DC if I can keep some of the copies or if I have to send them all back.


  • He ordered them, then didn’t pay for them, and has been advertising for them this whole time without the owner knowing anything about it according to the owner. This story sounds plausible, but not probable. CBSI is only reporting what they were told and I believe them 100% however, I will be damned if there isn’t more to this situation than what meets the eye. We need a lot more accountability to keep the comic business legit. If the owner want to make the situation right then he should account for the lost time and money of his investors otherwise he can just claim he’s a victim of a third party and enjoy another 0% interest loan courtesy of the consumer. Thank you for making us aware of what happened so we can make informed decisions about who to deal with in the future.

    • I’m a customer of this Lcs and was there picking up my books when this went down . In short the 3rd party called D.C. & diamond without the owner knowing until the invoice showed up while the diamond rep never checked that the 3rd party was not on the approved to order list for the account … a failure all around . unfortunate for all in general

      • Thanks for confirming my suspicion. Diamond is also responsible. If someone were to contact Diamond they could ask what the cost would be to reclaim the books since they are probably up for grabs. It’s just an idea, but not one I fully endorse. And the reason I can’t endorse it as a good idea is because investors are getting taken out of the game everyday due to the increase in unfair practices by intermediary auction sights and other places of resale. Is the missing Killer Frost Justice League vs Suicide Squad book anthter sign of the beginning of another comic book crash?

  • I WANT MY $2!!!!!

  • Gwenpool4President

    So, they exist, but nobody can have them ever? That is unfortunate, that was a cool cover.

  • mrnivek

    I emailed to Inigo wow I never win anything when he contacted me about winning a set in the promo. I jinxed it. Sorry to ones who preordered what a weird mess…

  • So no word for those of us that preordered?

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