New Mutants Movie Speculation: A Franchise Begins

The New Mutants were always a bit of an odd bunch. They fell somewhere between the Power Pack and the X-Men for most Marvel fans, but had a damn good run thanks to Claremont, Sienkiewicz and Simonson. They are finally getting their proper time in the spotlight with a new flick from the guy that made The Faults in Our Stars. We assume you knew that already, but if not, we’ll wait for you to compose yourself.

Odd choices aside, Josh Boone made a solid teen flick and the New Mutants are most definitely teens. It could be the perfect match for a box office smash, especially if some of the casting rumors prove true. Anna Taylor-Joy as Magik?  We're all for that, as long as Black Phillip doesn’t show up with Jonas and Mercy in tow. You can also expect fans to flock to the movie if Maisie Williams is cast as Wolfsbane, which would be fun considering a fellow Stark is currently Jean Grey.

While we don’t know what to expect from Mr. Boone and the cast just yet, we do know of some books/characters you’ll want to speculate on. There is one obvious pick, but a few others may have gone under your radar…

Marvel Graphic Novel #4

This is the main book to have, featuring 1st appearances of the main cast. A difficult book to find in NM condition due to it being a graphic novel with a black front and back cover, it's also a great read.

There aren't too many group cover variants available and the same can be said for solo covers featuring these four. We did find a few however that may be worth looking into if these characters take off…

  • Cannonball
  • Sunspot
  • Mirage (Psyche if you’re picky)
  • Wolfsbane
Warlock – New Mutants #18

Warlock is a fan favorite for many reasons and is assumed to be part of the first film. How they will introduce him into the mix remains to be seen, especially with Demon Bear rumored as the big bad instead of Magnus. If he translates well to the big screen, Warlock will have a legion of new fans. Hopefully Douglock will follow down the line as it's hard to imagine one without the other.

Magik – New Mutants #14 (As Illyana Rasputin – Giant Size X-Men #1)

Many of us have already seen her covers, and several have made us say “Bozhe Moi!” She should be one of the most popular characters from the team, and Lockheed (Uncanny X-Men #166) is the icing on the cake. Illyana also opens up a whole realm of mystical possibilities if we get to the sequels.

She is one of the few New Mutants that has a nice collection of covers as well. A few are already pricey due to the artist, but here are some more you may want to keep an eye on.

Tier 2

These are characters that may or may not be in first film or the initial batch of New Mutants. While the roster generally stayed the same throughout most of the run, these characters may not factor in until later although Karma or Magma should be a lock.




The pickings are slim folks. While the New Mutants certainly got around, we don't believe they will opt for the Impossible Man, the MLF or the Beyonder although Billy Zane could still pull it off. The Hellions are highly unlikely as well although perfect for a second film. That means we have two likely suspects, with Demon Bear in the lead according to the rumor mill…

Demon Bear – New Mutants #3 (hallucination), New Mutants #18

Until we hear otherwise, it's Demon Bear which makes for an interesting Big Bad to say the least. Hopefully they can pull it off well as villains have been a weak point across the board in comic book flicks. Thanos he is not, but he should suffice unless it's all a ruse and we get this guy…

Demon Bear


Magnus – New Mutants #18 (again)

Magnus is Warlock's daddy and would be the most convenient choice. Like Demon Bear, he isn't the meanest villain around so don't expect too much if they go this route. That said, they do have to introduce Warlock somehow unless the go with a simple flashback shot.




In a nutshell, Marvel Graphic Novel #4 and New Mutants #18 are the ones you'll want to focus on for the film itself. If things go as we hope, the early issues from the regular run with the killer Bill Sienkiewicz covers will rise in price along with any variants featuring the team or popular solo members.


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