Panini Comics France’s 20th Anniversary’s Exclusive Covers

During 2017, Panini Comics France will release not one, not two, but 20 (yes, 20 !) exclusive covers to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. 8 of those will be drawn by « classic » cover superstars, such as Gabriele Dell'Otto, Adi Granov, Alan Davis, Humberto Ramos,… while the other 12 covers will be drawn by French artists. Sometimes, it had happened in the past that Panini Exclusive Covers were also published in other countries thereafter, such as Italia or U.K., where this company has subsidiaries. But this time this won't be the case : those covers will be really exclusive to France! As a matter of fact, those covers won't be published in the U.S.A. and could be, for some, very sought after! In this article, we will see some of the covers that have been already revealed. All covers will be presented during the Angoulême Festival in France, at the end of January, and rumors says that some could already be available there.

But first, I think that Panini Comics France (PCF) deserves a quick introduction. To keep it short, let's just say that PCF is a french publisher and one of the major actors of the comic book scene in France. It is a very dynamic company that got the rights to translate Marvel material in French. Panini did a great job popularizing the comic books in France, gaining many new readers. Some years ago, the company also had the rights to translate DC material but it now belongs to its main competitor …

The monthly issues published by Panini are thicker that US comics, because lots of French readers are more used to thicker books (in this case monthly issues collecting around 4 issues of, more or less related series in a small TPBs for approximitavely $6) or HC collecting full stories (sold for $17 or more). Generally, each of those monthlies or HCs are published with 1, 2 or 3 different covers (Panini uses a ratio, by example 50%/50%, or 25%/25%/50% to indicate scarcity)…Their print run is information PCF keeps secret, but some sources talk about each monthly or HC being printed up to 24,000 copies. So, by example, if it has a ratio of 25%/25%/50%, it means that 6,000 copies of the first two covers and 12,000 of the third cover will be printed … Most of the time, those covers aren't exclusive but may already be a great way to get your hands on covers otherwise expensive or hard to get in their original US version (if you do a quick search on the internet you will find famous JSC covers and so on). But this time, we are talking about REAL exclusive covers… As a last word, i'd say that Panini's issues can be found in France in comics shops and/or bookstores, but also in malls, where hordes of persons read those, often without any care and sometimes without even buying. This means that it can be sometimes very tricky to find Near Mint issues. Often, the spine will be damaged and/or the cover will be a bit folded …

I hear you, though, show me those covers right now:

All-New Iron Man & Avengers 8
Artist: Humberto Ramos
Release date: 1/3/17 (already released)
Ratio: 50%
Can be found in Comic Shops, Malls and Bookstores
All-New Deadpool 9
Artist: Steve Epting
Release date: 2/3/17
Ratio: 50%
Can be found in Comics Shops, Malls, and Bookstores
Astonishing X-Men 
HC reprinting Whedon's first 6 issues
Artist: Lewis Trondheim
Release date: 2/8/17
Ratio: 100%
Can be found in Bookstores
HC reprinting One More Day
Artist: Bastien Vives
Release date: 2/8/17
Ratio: 100%
Can be found in Bookstores
HC reprinting Wade Wilson's War
Artist: “Boulet”
Release date: 2/8/17
Ratio: 100%
Can be found in Bookstores
Miss Marvel
HC reprinting Ms Marvel (2014) #1-5
Artist: Pénélope Bagieu
Release date: February 8th
Ratio: 100%
Can be found in Bookstores
All New X-Men 10
Artist: Alan Davis
Release date: 3/3/17
Ratio: 50%
Can be found in Comics Shops, Malls, and Bookstores
Les Gardiens de la Galaxie 11
Artist: Gabriele Dell'Otto
Release date: April (TBA)
Ratio: TBA
Can be found in Comics Shops, Malls, and Bookstores

More to come :

  • Elektra (Miller) : Artist : Alessandro Barbucci. June.
  • Daredevil : Man without fear : Artist : Benjamin Lacombe : June
  • Punisher (from Ennis & Dillon) : Artist : Joann Sfar : June
  • Wolverine (from Claremont) : Artist : Mathieu Lauffray.June
  • All New Spider-man 14 : Artist : Clayton Crain : July
  • All New X-Men 16 : Artist : Adi Granov : September
  • All New Deadpool 17 : Artist : Paul Renaud : October
  • Gardians of the Galaxy : Artist : Olivier Vatine : October.
  • Fantastic Four : 1234 : Artist : Denis Bajram : October
  • Hulk (Grey)  : Artist : Jean-Louis Mourier : October
  • Avengers : Artist : Didier Tarquin : October
  • All New Avengers 18 : David Aja : November


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