Extreme and more, but EXTREME!!!

Before I get any negative comments I must say that even I can’t believe I am going to spotlight anything From Extreme Studios. I am not going to include most books that I have mentioned before including; Supreme 1, 1 gold, 1 newsstand, Malibu Sun 17, Brigade 1 newsstand and 1 gold, Youngblood Strikefile 1 Gold ( first Glory ), ashcan ( possible first Glory ).

Here is my complete list of the only books I will be looking in the 10 cent bins or dumpsters for…

Extreme Studios Tour 93 Gold and Platinum only

I must stress that no one should spend a nickel on this book unless it’s gold or platinum and yes that includes the signed ones.

Power Rangers Zeo

Extreme published some weird stuff, Battlestar Galactica comics and this odd Power Rangers book come to mind. The Rangers are hot and this one could be an unexpected gem down the road.

Prophet 4 variant

An early variant by a great artist puts this one on my list. I mentioned this book again a few weeks back. Prophet is a likely a candidate for one of these movies we are hearing about. Pass on his first appearance. This book and Prophet 21a,b,c are all you need.

Warcry SDCC signed edition

There’s no reason for this to be on my list but something about the cover makes me want one anyway.

Re:Gex Ashcan ( 1997 )

First appearance of Re:Gex

Bloodstrike 26 ( 2nd print only )

This one actually has a cool cover and is super rare. There are a few others you might want to look at including some variants and harder to find last issues.

Nitrogen ( Wizardworld Preview )

First appearance of Nitrogen

And the sketch cover variant to issue 1:

Kaboom Prelude ( Gold Foil Only )

First appearance of Kaboom

Kaboom hasn’t been mentioned but if it’s in the deal this is probably the only book from Awesome worth actually reading.

Thanks to David Unlikely in the comments section who brought to light the Kaboom sketchbook pages and actual first appearance in Awesome Preview 97:

And finally I kind of dig this cover even though Bloodwulf is just another ripoff.

Books to pass on: Bloodstrike 2 ( first Lethal ) and just about everything else.

Other comics for this week…

All New Wolverine 7

First appearance of Jonathan

Pets are my thing and Squirrel Girl giving Wolverine a pet…ummm…wolverine is pretty awesome.

The Flash 165

First appearance of Plunder

TV spec continues to be a tough game for flippers but this comic has a sweet cover and is written by a legend. Plunder is coming to the CW, be ready!

Mad 391

This isn’t technically a comic but MAD 391 does feature a named Harry Potter in sequential art. I still say Mystic 15 is the one but this is a must own for Potter fans.

Tales to Astonish 81

First appearance of the Secret Empire

The villainous Steve Rogers appears to be at the center of this Marvel Event. IS there a connection?


  • Avatar

    Not to mention, ToS 81 is also the first appearance of Boomerang, which in itself is a fun issue to have.

  • ECooper

    All the Extreme Studios talk had me thinking I fell into a Wizard Magazine. You just needed some thinly veiled innuendos and you would have been there! 🙂

  • Topher

    Rob Liefeld should invent a character actually called Pouches.

  • Avatar

    That Gene Wilder after Re:Gen, haha.

  • Avatar

    Kaboom Prelude (February 98) came out before the second Kaboom series. First Kaboom was 8 sketchbook pages in Awesome Preview 97 followed by a 7-page story in Coven / Kaboom Special Black and White Edition 1+ (September 97); also first Coven.

    • Topher

      It’s funny, Kaboom was the book I researched the most for this article. I guess there’s always a bigger Liefeld fan out there. The Awesome Preview book is an SDCC comic and is rare as shit, the second is actually titled the Awesome Holiday Special and has three covers. I’m a preview guy so the SDCC is the true first in my book, corrections coming….

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