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Arguably the finest offering from the Frank Frazetta Famous Funnies run that is made up of issues #210 through #216.  Random little tidbit about this run, the cover for issue 217 was supposed to have Frazetta art as well but was passed on for some unknown reason and instead, debuted as the cover for Weird Science Fantasy #29, with the same cover date as Famous Funnies #217.   It should also be noted that while FF #217 displayed the new Comics Code stamp, the final issue if WSF(#29) would not.  Famous Funnies final issue was #219.

Some will argue that the opening issue of this cover run is superior , but it is truly hard to argue with the magnificence of this piece, especially when you have seen the original art, which sadly was auctioned off to a private collector during the autumn session of the 1991 Sotheby's Comic Auction event.

I will say, it would be pretty awesome if someone made this run, even cooler if they had a hand in doing it(a slab and a raw, at 2 different points) and even cooler still if there was some element that made the run unique.  If someone were to accomplish that task, I have to say it would be pretty damn bad ass.

23 Universal copies, a 6.89 average and a lone 9.0 and a single 3.0 take the top and bottom spots here, with 21 remaining copies covering almost the entire grade range.
SHELF DATE of May 1955





Amazing Bill Everett cover from 1939, also first appearance of vampires in comic books…

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