Inhumans vs X-Men (part 2)

Here is the second batch of ICX covers for your enjoyment!

Amazing Spider-Man 22 Inhumans: Attilan Rising 3
As a man who has been follically challenged since he was in his early twenties both of these covers make me green with envy!
Doctor Strange 15 Fantastic Four 99
I like these two together because they show how drastically the Human Torch’s depiction in comics has changed over time.
Hawkeye 1 Giant Size X-Men 1
I was finally able to add a GSX 1 to my collection this year. As a huge X-Men fan growing up, I felt like this was a major milestone in my comic collecting…Yay Me!
Rocket Raccoon 1 Astonishing X-Men 4
Not a fan of either of these. Pass
Slapstick 1 X-Men 1
So if acquiring a copy of GSX 1 was like graduating high school, acquiring a copy of X-Men 1 is like winning the lottery…it would be unbelievable if it happened but probably never will
Spider-Gwen 15 Wolverine 90
I personally like the art on the newer cover better.
US Avengers 1 Marvel Team-Up 11
Spidey got a raw deal on both of these covers!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  • Khoi Cakes

    Not honestly sure how I feel about them using other recent moderns as the basis for the swipe…

  • Skot Whitman

    Good eye on that Wolverine #90 “homage”. I totally didn’t catch that.

    I have to agree with Khoi on this one. A homage cover was reserved for truly memorable covers. This swipe for the sake of “swipe cover month” gimmick nonsense needs to stop… Unless they are going to actually put forth the effort to find covers worth swiping.

  • Avatar

    I feel these variants were rushed and not thought through. I predict these will be worth less than their regular cover counterparts within a few months.

  • Avatar

    yea, not really feeling any of these. The only one that i could be interested would be the GSX1 swipe but there’s no way i’m touching Slapstick.

  • Avatar

    I love cover swipes!!! Especially the ones that are really good and do justice to the original cover they are swiping!!

    Like Khoi however, I not all that crazy about cover swipes of modern books that are less than 3 years old. Unless it is a classic cover to which to which ASM #22 isn’t really.

    One cover swipe I particularly like is Secret Avengers #9 75th Anniversary Deadpool variant.

    It’s a great cover swipe of Steranko’s awesome classic Nick Fury #1.

    Great swipe and funny as well… but dang it is hard to find.

  • Avatar

    If there’s one thing I hate, its event variants for series that have absolutely nothing to do with the specific event.

    I love cover swipes and I think that most of these are actually very good and I love this idea, but none of these issues are even related to IvX, it’s just annoying to me and I think it is a waste of a good idea.

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