Batman and Robin Adventures #21

Welcome back to our weekly article! I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and since the holidays are over, I thought it would be nice to take a look at a comic that would bring back some of that nostalgic feeling. Let’s get to it!

You might have noticed that this past year some comics set in the Batman: The Animated Series theme have seen a little bump in value. Obviously, I’m not talking about Batman Adventures #12 because, let’s be honest, none of the other issues of Batman Adventures or Batman and Robin Adventures will ever be able to compete with that beast. Instead, we’ll look at a smaller scale comic that has been doing well this year and hasn’t even peaked yet in my opinion.

Batman and Robin Adventures #21
Release Date: June 18 1997
Cover Artist: Ty Templeton
Print Run: 23,016
Raw: $40

Simple but efficient, this cover might be on its way to the “Iconic Batgirl Covers” category. I don’t know how hard this one is to get in high grade, but there is currently only one CGC 9.8 copy on eBay going for $300. Everyone loved Batman: The Animated Series back then, and I think that’s the main reason why people might be looking for this cover. There are a lot of comics featuring Batgirl out there, but I think that this might be one of the only issues about which you'll never hear anyone complain about Batgirl's look in the art. I easily see this one reaching the $70 mark over the years, based on how fast it has increased just in 2016.

The other comic we will take a look at is in the same run, by the same artist and has a relatively similar print run. The only thing is that the market doesn’t seem to know of its existence or just doesn’t care at all … but I doubt that. We’ll see!

Batman and Robin Adventures Annual #1
Release Date: September 1996
Cover Artist: Ty Templeton
Print Run: 26,858
Raw: $10

First of all, if you haven’t just been hit by a warm feeling of nostalgia, the only possible reason is that you don’t know who that cover is referring to. So stop reading now and do yourself a favor: watch Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. There is absolutely nothing you can’t love about the art. You have Batman, the Joker AND the Phantasm, all of them well illustrated in just one figure. You might say that it’s not very colorful, but I honestly think that it’s perfect as it is. Just look at the face of Batman. I think I’ve never seen him as distraught as this on a cover. And then you look up at the Joker, looking sooooo much in control, and you realize how amazing it is for a simple cover to express so much emotion.

Phantasm is an amazing character, but sadly his appearances in comic books are very limited. Even so, most people consider him an iconic villain, so imagine what it would be like if DC decided to bring him into the DCU! Another factor that can be valuable to this book is that it is the sequel to the movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm … which I don’t think a lot of people know about. This is the only Batman animated movie that has made it to the big screen (except for the limited screenings of The Killing Joke), so I don’t need to tell you how good it is to watch. Now that people know that there is a sequel (and with a very nostalgic cover), I think it won’t be long before the market sees this one as an iconic classic comic.

It’s rare that we have a book that can be collected not only for the art, but also for the story (because this is a very, very good read). With all that being said, I can’t really see why this book is still so cheap. But I guess that’s a good thing for us! Let me know what you think, did you know about this one?


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