The New Year’s One


Happy New Year, everyone! We start a new year of comics and comic-related movies and TV series and, whether you liked last year's output or not, I think we can all agree that last year represented a new high when it comes to comics as a cultural phenomenon. Four superhero movies in the top 10 worldwide gross movies, a TV show every day of the week, Netflix, the amount of toys (if you missed the Rainbow Batman boxset, what's wrong with you?), clothes, videogames, … It will be hard to top that, but all signs point to 2017 being even bigger. Mainstream comics (big two specifically) didn't see the best year ever, but we can only hope this one will be better, right? Let's get started!!!

Some interesting variants

U.S.Avengers #1 1:Store Variant

Following up on Justice League of America‘s gimmick, Marvel is doing a variant per state, but each one of these at least has new art. Also, you can get this variant and forget about the rest.

Deadpool the Duck #1 Chip Zdarsky 1:50 Variant

Marvel keep assigning 1:50s to Chip, which is a shame, as they are always worth for a chuckle. Is this mini necessary? Not sure, but I will take a look just in case …

Unstoppable Wasp #1 Elizabeth Torque 1:25 Variant

First issue of a new series with a newish character and a beautiful variant by Elizabeth Torque … As always, it all depends on whether people embrace the new Wasp or not, but this cover looks like it could do well regardless.

Moon Knight #10 While Portaccio 1:25 Classic Variant

Someone brought this up on G+ last week (sorry, forgot who), and you can kinda see why. Looks great, if you are into that 90's let's ignore anatomy and enjoy drawing kind of vibe. Personally, I really dig it.

Some interesting reads

Justice League vs Suicide Squad #3

So far so good with this mini … It seems DC really wants to give an even higher profile to Amanda Waller so no matter how little I liked the ending of #2, it's all about putting the players in position. This Madureira cover guarantees I will get it anyway.

Superman #14

I really dig alternate versions of characters, so a story about someone hunting Elseworlds versions of Superman is up my alley. This issue seems to have a huge role for Red Son‘s Superman, which is always cool. Fans of Red Son might want to get the Andrew Robinson variant, as he was part of the original's creative team.

Heavy Metal #284

The Savage Sword of Jesus Christ!!! This might be perceived as controversial in some places, so there might be a shortage … Awesome cover and Morrison! Whatever he does, it cannot be worse than Godyssey … I wonder if that's part of Liefeld's movie deal, by the way.

Marry Me #1

All versions of this comic are sold out at Midtown and, knowing we're nothing but a bunch of perverts, I am guessing this cover will be the one to become more desirable. Will this have legs, though? It comes from a webcomic, so it might?

Walking Dead #162

Last of Arthur Adams' covers for WD and they will be missed. Being the last issue of an arc, I understand this will have deaths and/or changes to the status quo …

Justice League #12

The cover with the most logos ever!! I would complain, but the cover's not that awesome in any case … What might be interesting, though, is the story of how Maxwell Lord got to JL vs SS #1.

A couple of awesome covers

Harley Quinn #11 Frank Cho Variant Shade, the Changing Girl #4 Joëlle Jones Variant

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


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