Subject #25 Greer Grant Nelson AKA Tigra

Happy New Year Everyone, glad you made it back. This week is Tigra. No not the guy in Thunder Cats, I'm talking about the original Marvel character… wait, I should probably look that up and make sure…

With Marvel's Monsters Unleashed coming out this month I figured now would be a good time to talk about Tigra, because how stupid would it be to not include Tigra in this monsters event, right? I mean, that would just be the dumbest move ever…. oh, well it appears she's not part of Monsters Unleashed…

Well too bad, because Tigra is what I'm doing. Besides, with the current climate of diversity at Marvel it seems like only a matter of time before Tigra get's her due.

There does seem to be a little confusion as to Tigra's early appearances, depending on what you are looking for. So let's try and sort that out real quick.

The Cat #1 1972 So this is the first appearance of Greer Grant Nelson, not Tigra. She becomes Tigra, but not in this book and she's not furry and orange. She does have a costume which later becomes the costume for Hell Cat. So not a bad book to own regardless.

Giant Size Creatures #1 1974. This is the first appearance of the furry orange female fury we know as Tigra. It's a cover appearance that makes things all the better for this book with collectors. Also a self-contained story, so no follow-up issues to track down and it's the origin of how she becomes Tigra… which seems to get retold in many of her appearances.

Also keep in mind, Greer appeared as The Cat in many books prior to this. So 1974 is the cut off. If you read somewhere that Tigra appears prior, it's probably a mistake and meant Greer Grant Nelson or The Cat, but not Tigra.

Werewolf by Night #20 1974. This is what I would dub as a flashback cameo. It's one panel and it's in reference to the events of GSC#1. So as a Tigra fan, I don't see any reason to own it in regards to Tigra… Especially if you have a copy of GSC#1

Marvel Chillers #3-7 1976. These mark Tigra's first real solo outing. Red Wolf and Kraven both make appearances. These issues are like a mini series really. Issue #3 is her origin, again. It's brief. The main villains for the arc are The Rat Pack which are basically some neon green Hydra knock offs. Kraven shows up in issue #4. Super Skrull in issue #7. They're worth a look in my opinion.

Marvel Team-Ups #67. Tigra is under Kraven's control. Spider-man shows up and has to fight Tigra. There's a little more to it than that, but why spoil it.

Marvel Premiere #42. Self-contained Tigra story dealing with the cat people and her connection to them. I just like the ending of this one personally. Reminds me of Loony Toones.

Marvel Two in One #19. Tigra teams up with the Thing in “Claws of the Cougar” I just love the first splash page and the title of this issue. Tigra creeping in through the window and the Thing fast asleep…

Spider-Woman vol 1 #49 and #50. You guys know I dig characters fighting so how could I not mention her appearance in these… Which are actually pretty dreadful now that I think about it.

Tigra #1-4. With Mike Deodato Jr's getting some attention these days this book seems like it's a must have for his fans. I'm not sure exactly when his work evolved from the Jim Lee'ish influence he started with to what he's doing now… But it does seem like these issues are a critical step in his evolution art wise. As far as Tigra, It appears this is a modernization of the character. She can change back and forth from human to creature form at will. Which I don't remember her having the ability to do prior.

Hulk 9. This is a minor appearance, cameo really. I'll use any excuse to plug the Art Adams Hulk #9 Avengers #83 homage and Frank Cho.

Are there other Tigra appearance?

Sure, she appears throughout the different Avengers books like West Coast Avengers, Dark Reign, The Initiative, and Avengers Academy. She's all over the place and on some variant covers also. Her appearances range in size from minor cameos to full appearances. It's a rabbit hole, one I'm not jumping down any further… at least for the moment.

I'm sure the Tigra fan community will find something major I missed, so shout out in the comments below.

Till Next Week.

Disclaimer: As always, I urge you to use restraint when buying. Read from multiple sources to form your own conclusions before investing.


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