Top 5 Opeña Variants with the Lowest Print Run

hot5newJerome Opeña is getting everybody's attention with his work on Seven to Eternity and while we all hope he stays on the series forever, it's always fun to see artists doing Big Two characters. After working his way up on Dark Horse and Image, Opeña spent a few years working for Marvel (with brilliant runs on The Punisher, Moon Knight, then jumping to the next level with Uncanny X-Force, Avengers, Infinity and the Ultron OGN).

So I thought it was time to look at his variants with the lowest print runs, because we know how people turn to this as trophies …

Thanks to Adam F for a lot of the groundwork in this article and welcome to the team, Adam!!! Expect great things from him really soon!!!


All-New Invaders #3B 1:50

Est. Print Run: 547

Tiny print run for a title that hasn't been in reader's radars since Frank Robbins. A pretty cool cover with Cap, Winter Soldier, Namor and Human Torch in it, and a very affordable comic right now … I mean, not even 600 copies and you can buy it for less than $10???


Punisher (2014) #2B 1:50

Est. Print Run: 634

This is a cover that already goes for a premium … Even a French edition with this cover is going for way more than regular price, so it seems this cover is here to stay.


Magneto #2B 1:50

Est. Print Run: 715

Quite possibly my favorite cover of the top 5, but with a metal dinosaur in it, the only thing that could make it better would be a gorilla holding its mouth open. And yes, I also find it surprising that Magneto sold more than the Invaders or the Punisher …


Daredevil #3B 1:50

Est. Print Run: 786

I really like the way Opeña experiments with layouts in order to deliver a fresh cover. In this case, the silhouettes are way more expressive than you would expect, giving us enough information for us to fill them in.


Avengers vs X-Men #12C sketch 1:200

Est. Print Run: 857

It's always fun to see Opeña's pencils because they are tight as they come. The next 2 covers print run-wise would have been Avengers vs X-Men #8 and #4 sketch variants, if you are wondering.

Wolverine 2014 #1B 1:50

Est. Print Run: 1,094

Whatever happened to the Clawed Crusader? Wolverine has been one of comic's most popular characters in comics for decades, but somewhere between the Jeph Loeb arcs, Jason Aaron's run, the fill-ins, the Death Of mini-series and the rumored self-sabotage, people just lost interest. Still, 1,094 copies for a Wolverine cover by Jerome Opeña doesn't sound like a lot.

Convergence #5 1:25

Est. Print Run: 4,129

For the moment, the only piece of art Opeña's done for DC and it's a great piece. Convergence was not a really good read (even considering it was an event), but the 1:25 variants were a lot of fun. This one featuring Adam West's Batman and Damian as Robin only talks of the untapped potential of Convergence.


  • Ben Steiniger

    Awesome rundown Inigo. Thx!

  • Avatar

    That Magneto cover is solid.

  • Avatar

    Great stuff – always loved Opena’s art. The two copies of that Invaders book for under $10 are gone, bummer. That Punisher #2 variant is the absolute key book to own. I recently did a private sale of a high grade copy for $850.

  • Avatar

    With only 12 slabs on the census after 3 years, I’d be very surprised if there were even that many copies of that Punisher 2 cover printed. That book looks to have been very under-ordered.

    It is a beauty though.

  • Avatar

    Inigo and Adam (great name), nice pick! Loved Opena since his Fear Agent days. It’s strange how long it takes for some amazing artists to pop, and others catch immediately. I’ve got a couple of the Invaders #3’s. Would love to see him do interiors on a Cap/WS team-up book. Great cover!

  • Avatar

    Just checked and surprised to see none of those Punisher 2’s even being offered for sale on ebay in months. Damn.

  • Avatar

    Awesome list. Lowest printed will probably always be the NYCC sketchbook (only in the hundreds made, forget if 200 or 500). For those collecting all things Opena and Seven to Eternity they occasionally pop up on eBay fairly reasonably for the rarity.

  • ECooper

    Another really nice one he did with a relatively low print run is the Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #3 1:25 variant. Only 1192 out there. Less than Convergence, but more than the others on the list.

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