Inhumans vs X-Men (part 1)

This week I am going to highlight some of the new ICX / XCI covers that have been released the past few weeks as part of the Inhumans Vs. X-Men event. Not only are all of these pretty cool swipes of past covers, they usually have a small picture of the original cover right on the main cover to compare to!

Gamora 1 New Mutants 1
Nothing bad to say about this one. Each of the mutants has been replaced by an Inhuman.
Guardians of the Galaxy 15 New Mutants 87
Who is this Frank Mcgee?
Hulk 1 Uncanny X-Men 165
I loved the brood from the first time I read about them in X-Men 234. One of the first storylines that got me hooked on the Uncanny X-Men series.
Jessica Jones 3 Inhumans 8
It’s funny how the modern version looks more crowded to me than the original. Is that because of the background color?
Mighty Captain Marvel 0 Marvel Comics Presents 77
Another cover I couldn’t resist and I honestly didn’t remember the original.
Mosaic 3 Secret Invasion: Inhumans 1
I don’t like either of these. Pass.
Nova 1 Uncanny X-Men #141

Uncanny X-Men 141

Probably my favorite of all the ICX swipes.

I’ll stop here and continue with these next week. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!


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